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Here you will find links to other JK2/JK3 resources, clan sites, and anything else we deem interesting.


-=RJClan=- Store

The place to get clan related paraphernalia. Buy something and support the costs of the clan.

JK2/JK3 Resources

Lucas Arts Files

This is the (somewhat?) official site from which to get LucasArts related gaming updates.

Jedi Knight Net

This is a good map site, and has many skins, etc. It's recently had an upgrade and its forums are very helpful.

JK2 Files/JK3 Files

Less out of date than the one above, and a good resource for skins, maps, and has pretty good forums. (Recently re-acquired by the original owners!)

Game Admins

A site dedicated to helping persons set up gaming servers. There are resources to other games besides the Jedi Knight series (in fact, mostly others), still, it's worth the visit.

Game Runners (L)

Another great site for game admins. Their claim-to-fame is the utility to create *.bat files and *.cfg files for running your own server. There are installers for both Outcast and Academy. (No longer active)

The Massassi Temple

A lesser-known, but good site for maps and forums.

PC Game Mods (L)

A good site for finding Maps and mods etc. Often seems to have trouble loading. They have pretty helpful forums as well. (No longer active)

Rich Diesal's Mapping Page (L)

The Ultimate JK2 Mapping Resource. It has the tools, and the tutorials. (No longer active)

GTK Radiant

This site has the QE Radiant Manual, a great help for aspiring mappers.

A Helpful Tutorial Site (L)

A little site that has a couple of necessary tutorials, not included in Diesals's site for mappers. (No longer active)

Other Clan Sites

The Connection (L)

Originally: The Emperor's Royal Guard and Surf Mob Squad (recently combined): A clan that sports a lively server, and some really great players. You will often see DOA (... now ERG emeritus) hanging out on our server. (No longer active)

Dragon's Clan (L)

A great group of players. Say hello to White or Black when visiting. (No longer active)


The Artchive

A great place to look up... well... art.

C-Sports (L)

Find your ranking in the tens of thousands of players who play JK2, JK3 or any number of other online games. (No longer active)

Tom's Hardware Guide

A must for any "home-builder" of PCs. Great reviews and suggestions for buying of PC hardware.

Ars Technica

Another site pointed out courtesy of Eqanimity for the entrepreneur of PC building. Great site with great info.

Voodoo Extreme

A great site for reviews and links of/to software and hardware. It used to be dedicated solely to the Voodoo chipsets (back when that mattered) and has gone a bit more "commercial" lately, but still has good articles.

(L) = legacy site. Link is no longer available