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The Reborn Jedi welcome you. Please take a moment to browse around the several links intended to enhance the time spent on our servers. Enjoy the site, and see you on the inside...

RJ Bulletin

ahem ... tap. tap. ... ermm, Oh - hi there! ~ JayBaen

Visitors. We've had VISITORS! ~ JayBaen

Server status and other web stuff should be working against the game servers again. ~ JayBaen

POLO! ~ Ruggiero

Marco! ~ Deacon

I'm a gonna look for you. PING! ~ JayBaen

Man. Forgot how fun a romp could be on the server ~ Ruggiero

Deacon, check your PM's on the forum ~ Ruggiero

Any... with enough notice I could free up my evenings... after 8PM EST. ~ Deacon

Deacon ... what weekend do you mean? ~ JayBaen

Anyone up for a weekend romp? Mmmmm... Deacon fooder. ~ Deacon

I've been noticing folks quietly dropping by the server. Thanks for stopping in. ~ JayBaen

Looks like there was quite a romp last night. Sorry I missed it :( ~ JayBaen

Sorry to miss you on the Server tonight Hamstar! Got the ping but was out. ~ Ruggiero

Test ~ Ruggiero

Pretty snappy yourself, sir. ~ Ruggiero

Thanks Rugg - all seems to be working. ~ JayBaen

Anyone up for a romping tonight - Sun, 04/19/09 ? ~ JayBaen

It's all a ruse - besides, I have a certain Lizard-friend who should be doing that sort of thinkedy-think for me. ~ JayBaen

Wait.... aren't you a PROFESSIONAL? ~ Ruggiero

Problem with hosting and fsocket calls on a non-standard port ... thinking ... ~ JayBaen

Methinks it's working... now what about the server-monitors in the tope window?: ~ Ruggiero

Testing ... Testing ... is this thing on? ~ JayBaen

I am off to wander the Rodian wastes for a few weeks... but look forward to a whooping on my return. ~ Ruggiero

What about Tuesday? ~ JayBaen

Thinking of having a night of it on the server Sunday (the 29th)... anyone free? ~ Ruggiero

Happy, happy, happy New Year! ~ Ruggiero


Weird that you cant use an apostrophe in the shoutbox... ~ Rugg

Did everyone hear that the Lizards fancy computer cant handle JK2? ~ Ruggiero


Servers - again ~ 05.20.20

If there's anything that Covid has gifted me recently, it has been time at my house (albeit typically working), but a little extra here and there to do some housekeeping. If you're paying attention, you'll notice the JO/JA servers are back on-line, on their original boxes (pretty unreal, actually) using the original configs, maps, etc. Most everything is functional. There are a couple of things that aren't (for now) - but you probably won't notice. I'm sure many of you don't even have the game(s) installed any longer, but - if you get the urge to wander around any of the Rodian wonders that exist ONLY in this digital realm, I would look forward to meeting up with you. Hope to see you on the inside. ~ JayBaen

Server moved and up ~ 03.08.16

For those still wandering about, I moved the server to a Linux box and am using a different executable that allows for HTTP downloads from an alternate URL (read: faster downloads for skin and map packs). I also went out visiting and found an entire European contingent of newer folks playing. Some good Jedi still out there. If anyone wants to romp around - email me. ~ JayBaen

Holiday Romping ~ 11.15.14

The holidays are again approaching, which often means our RJ folks have a little more time to gather. As always, friends old, new and far are welcome to come and re-sharpen their sabers. Here's hoping to see you all on the inside at some point this season. ~ JayBaen

Still Open for Business ~ 02.14.14

Yes, I took a stroll around Sublime 3 (on both servers) yesterday after a couple of days of getting set back up post-move. It's amazing how fun it is to re-explore all the secrets and just enjoy the scenery. If anyone is up for a stumble, message me via the forums. ~ JayBaen

Not Completely Dead ~ 03.01.13

No - not quite yet. Just a quick post to let anyone taking a peek know that we still wander the halls on occasion. ~ JayBaen

Happy Holidays ~ 12.23.11

To the DAY of last year's posting. FWIW, a few of us are jumping into "The Old Republic" and gladly welcoming companions. If you happen to find yourself with the game, give us a shout on the forums. It would be good to see some folks in the land of the Jedi again. ~ JayBaen

Happy Holidays ~ 12.23.10

Yes, yes. I realize it's been nearly a year since a post has hit this front page - but several of us are still around and wishing you the happiest of holidays! ~ JayBaen

Servers, etc. ~ 01.26.10

All servers, resources, Teamspeak, etc. are migrated and running as expected. RJ - check the forums for details on credentials and more. ~ JayBaen

Downtime ~ 01.19.10

RJ servers will be down for several hours during the middle of the day (today) while the boxes are physically moved to a new location. Everything should be back up by EOB. ~ JayBaen

Teamspeak ~ 01.18.10

Yep, Teamspeak is up and running again. Check the link to the page for status and direct joining of a channel. ~ JayBaen

Another Web Migration ~ 01.15.10

Yes - that's right, another web migration, but with a purpose ... fsockets.

working. fsockets.

Thanks for the assist, Rug. ~ JayBaen

Happy Holidays ~ 12.23.09

Another year to wish you and yours the most joyous of Holidays. Many happy returns. ~ JayBaen

More Migration Info. ~ 04.16.09

Most of the migrating is done - we're working on getting the server stats 'stuff' working again given what seems like hosting restrictions. If you need credentials to get to places like webmail and/or RJ-Only sections, check the forums or email me. ~ JayBaen

Situs Interruptus ~ 03.20.09

I'm in the process of migrating the site (manually ... piece by piece ... bit by bit). Some pages, items, downloads, forums, etc. may be unavailable during the transition.

Please hold your Rodians until I'm finished. ~ JayBaen

OMGWTFBBQ! ~ 08.10.08

Wow ... what?


WHEW! That was quite a hiccup, but regardless, here we are. Details in the private forums. ~ JayBaen

Happy Super Tuesday! ~ 02.05.08

(I guess that's what one would say today ...) At any rate - GET OUT AND VOTE! ~ JayBaen

Merry Christmas ~ 12.25.07

I know several of us are celebrating with families today. Peace and joy to you and yours. ~ JayBaen

Happy Thanksgiving! ~ 11.21.07

Happy Turkey Day from the RJs. Hope you and yours have a wonderful day. ~ JayBaen

Happy Independence Day! ~ 07.04.07

... to all of our American folks. ~ JayBaen

Academy On-Line ~ 04.14.07

I've brought the Academy server back on-line. I missed wandering around "the original" Sublime3. ~ JayBaen

Oh, Happy Day - Merry, Merry to All! ~ 12.25.06

To everyone who celebrates this time of year - many happy returns. ~ JayBaen

Happy Thanksgiving ~ 11.23.06

Hope you all had a grand time with family today. Happy Thanksgiving. ~ JayBaen

Web Migration ~ 09.23.06

OK ... well, that took 2 days longer than I wanted. I was the proud owner of a corrupt backup file, which took a little surgery to fix, but we're back up and running. Apologies for the delay. ~ JayBaen

Rumors Were True: JK2 Now a Universal Binary ~ 08.29.06

Another update from "The Few and The Proud" department: Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Outcast, has been updated to version 1.03c. This update makes this game a Mac "Universal Binary" which will run on both the older and newer Intel-based Macintoshes (see the post below) (link to update here). I have yet to test it, and will not be able to for a week or so, but it's worth a "Woohoo!" ~ Ruggiero

GreenArena Update ~ 05.14.06

This just in from the Can't-Leave-Well-Enough-Alone Department: Green Arena is at V5, and is on the server. Please delete previous versions, as there are a few important texture changes. ~ Ruggiero

Server-Rotation Changes ~ 05.10.06

I have replaced CloudPlatform with GreenArena in our server rotation; I figured it was time for a little change. Please make sure you have the most current version (V4) from our downloads page. I will post here or in the shoutbox if I make any changes to it.

For those interested, our rotation is the following: bespin, sublime3, greenarena, bespin, colloquium, rjduelarena, bespin, amalgamation, cloudshark... repeat.
See you on the inside... ~ Ruggiero

And whod'a thunk ... ~ 04.24.06

... that us aging RJ would have won a tournament? Well, we did. With a very proud showing of members (me, Rugg, Hammy, DarkSide and Kyzene), to put it mildly - we cleaned up!

Did I mention I won? (and better yet, that the Rodian didn't .. :) )

ALSO: A big thank you to Crackhead and [TC] for hosting such a great match! We will reciprocate in kind in the near future. [--Ruggiero -ed.] ~ JayBaen

Old Friends Are Back ~ 03.28.06

I thought people would like to know that the Connection Clan ( has a JK2 server again! (The Connection is the old ERG & SMS folks (Crackhead, DOA, Somnio, Happy, Pathos, Viminos (aka Vimmywimmy) Maverick, etc.)). Their server IP is, and they have a TS server up as well (ip on the forums). Drop by and give them a little of RJ-Saber-Lovin'! ~ Ruggiero

Web Moved ~ 03.09.06

I've migrated our web space to a temporary location. The move should be transparent to you (email, etc). Let me know if it's not. ~ JayBaen

pop-tarts ~ 02.15.06

Yeah, pop-tarts are tasty.

(N.B. It made me laugh, so I let it post. Besides ... it's HUMA! ... JB) ~ Huma

A Very Happy New Year ~ 12.31.05

... to all who visit our servers. We're very glad to be around to see another one pass. Many happy returns. ~ JayBaen

More Map News ~ 12.28.05

A couple of map notes: First, "Cloud_Platform" is now final, and on the server. It supports ffa/tffa as well as including (for a certain Punk) a CTF version. Hope you like it!

Second, "Amalgamation" has now reached "RC5" and it too is on the server. You can grab it on the downloads page under the "Betas" heading at the bottom. (Note: I am experimenting with a two-pk3 version, so if you want the optional second one, go ahead and grab it. Otherwise you might get a little sound-file-not-found error when a certain lady hits a certain psychedelic button and starts slip-sliding away-- I am not sure how I feel about it, so if it doesn't work out, I may kill the idea.)

Oh; And both have been added to the Server Rotation! ~ Ruggiero

Merry Christmas ~ 12.25.05

... to all those who celebrate today. ~ JayBaen

Map Update! ~ 12.22.05

The "CloseQ2" map has been updated and renamed "Amalgamation," which I suppose is as apt a name as any, given the mishmash of areas on the map. Anyway, it is now on the server, and on the downloads page as well ("" under Betas at the bottom). Delete Closeq2, so there are no shader/texture conflicts, please. Looking forward to your feedback! ~ Ruggiero

Happy Thanksgiving ~ 11.24.05

. . . to all in the RJ community of friends. Best wishes this entire holiday season. ~ JayBaen

Kyzene is (in)Famous.... ~ 10.21.05

Your friends Kyzene and Hamstar are featured in today's Picture of the Day at JK2 Files!

Ah... I remember the night well... Kyzene standing innocently on the piller... Hamstar gently tossing a Thermal Detonator with his furry paws... the graceful arc of the little innocent-looking brown globe; and Kyzene blown to smithereens in a lagometer-smashing kaboom... Yet the photo itself presents a mystery: Kyzene and Hamstar's (hairy) legs are in the screenie..... but who took the screenshot?! ;) ~ Ruggiero

Whoa... A TeamSpeak Client for Macintosh ~ 10.16.05

For those few and proud Mac players (around here, that means me, but trust me, there are others!): There is FINALLY a Teamspeak client for Mac. I guess some guy got so tired of the Teamspeak developers dragging their feet that he put together a client all on his own. Right now, (as the author admits) it is pretty bare-bones, but it is in active development, and it works just fine. So, what I am saying is that you can expect to hear your favorite "Oobawanga" on the TS server from time to time!
You can download it here!
You can also download it from VersionTracker. ~ Ruggiero

My Equanimity Has Been Shaken.... ~ 10.16.05

Equanimity is back... and marauding around the server. As a Rodian who has seen the losing side of too many duels with him, I had hoped that his hiatus might have dulled his saber... Unfortunately, I can report that this is not so in his case... That, or, Eq's saber was just much sharper to begin with. Whatever dulling there has been is not apparent to me. Don't take my word for it though... you try dueling him... if you dare face his aerial wizardry! ~ Ruggiero

Rankings ~ 08.15.05

Rankings are *really* live again. They've just started populating, and do happen automagically. The bots are currently in the mix, but should disappear as soon as I get the player filter actually filtering. If nothing else, get in and beat-up a bot or twelve before Rugg gets back to get on the list ahead of him ... :) ~ JayBaen

Close Quarters Map Finished ~ 07.01.05

To all those who have poked around on the new Close Quarters map, it is now finally DONE and on the download page. Delete previous versions, of course. I am not sure if it will ever make it into the rotation, but it can't hurt to have. Thanks to all who patiently tested it out and made many, many, helpful suggestions. I hope the time was well spent. Now... onto the next one! ~ Ruggiero

MAC Radiant: Superior Mapping Software Updated ~ 06.01.05

Attention Mac Mappers: Radiant for Mac has now jumped up in usability by a factor of about a gazillion. It is now, arguably, (thanks to the dilligent work of the folks at redsaurus,) an even better application than its PC counterpart. You can get the skinny on it RIGHT HERE! You can download it here. Right now, the only DL link that seems to be working is Filefront: but expect the redsaurus DL link to be working soon. This installer has BOTH Radiant 1.4 and 1.5 included, along with about 6 "Gamepacks." If you have already tried it, you should get rid of old installs, but if you are a first-timer, the installer is a piece of cake: just click and drag. I will post some observations and perhaps screenshots once I have had a chance to put it through its paces. Woohoo! ~ Ruggiero

DCMod updated ~ 05.01.05

Courtesy of its author Janos Oudrin, this morning we received the newest version of DCMod available (still prior to full-public release). I've added it to the JK2 server and welcome all commentary. As always, it will take a bit to 'tweak' the gameplay to our liking. Happy Sabering! ~ JayBaen

FORUMS ~ 04.26.05

You may have noticed that the FORUMS are undergoing a bit of construction. They had recently lost some of their functionality due to their age compared to their newer database/php backends. They have now been upgraded and permissions restored -- we have to take a few moments to reskin for it to look and feel like home. Bear with us. ~ JayBaen

Academy Server Update ~ 04.19.05

I've updated the Academy server to Slider's new version of Jedi Plus v. 2.3. I've also (at least temporarilly) removed the clan-chat restriction so it's easier to join, etc.

P.S. Anyone remember where all the freaking triggers are in Sublime for Academy?!? ~ JayBaen

Auto rotation removed ~ 04.10.05

I've removed the automatic rotation from the server and left our vanilla dcmod install for gameplay throughout the day. The other gametypes are still available via our control panel to be used whenever the spirit moves us. ~ JayBaen

Servers MOVED! ~ 04.09.05

To all who play on our glorious servers, please note: the IPs have changed. Our hosting provider has moved us to stronger, more secured servers for our gaming pleasure. Please check the Server Stats page for address details. ~ JayBaen

Spam o' licious ~ 04.07.05

Not sure how many of you were beginning to get the amount of spam in your RJ box as I was, but I've now enabled some of the SpamAssasin features built into our new hosting. If anyone seems to be missing any important mail they might be expecting, let me know (our thresholds/tolerances are adjustable). ~ JayBaen

The Return of Academy ~ 03.27.05

Due to popular request, I've kick-started the JK3 server, with the updated version of JA + mod (which, I hear is about to be updated again). RJ clan members please note -- if you choose *not* to log into the admin system, you'll have to login for clan-tag recognition. See the private forums for more details. ~ JayBaen

Disruption! ~ 03.09.05

In honor of the passing of ChopShop and by request of our beloved Kyzene, I've added the Disruption (Instagib) mod to the daily server flavor. You can find it in the cycle from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST. If the demand for it gets great enough, we may just move some other gametypes out of the way to make room. Enjoy and let us know what you think. ~ JayBaen

A Rumor Is Afoot ~ 02.24.05

There is a rumor making the rounds... yes, a little birdie told me.. or was it a little dragon... that a certain formidable and even-minded saberist, the author of a world-famous treatise on saberology, been sighted on the RJ-Server.... keep an eye open for him.... I know I will be watching my back. ;)

Also, if I am correct, Jay will be migrating the webserver over the next couple of days, so apologies for any outages, and RJ's: keep an eye on the RJ-Only Forums, for new email info, etc. I am sure JayBaen will elaborate when the saber hits the fan, so to speak. ~ Ruggiero

Returning to the Fold! ~ 02.21.05

Be advised that our old friends, "The Connection" clan, are returning to JK2! "The Connection" was originally "Emperor Crackhead's Royal Guards," known as [ERG] for short.

You will remember such (generally speaking, excellent and fun) players as Crackhead, DOA, Blade, Happy, Somnio, Caspian, Achilles, Pathos, Maverick, and Viminos (also known as Vimmywimmy) among others. I have had many, many an excellent duel with these guys.

TC (nee ERG) is now running a server at (I think they run a number of custom maps which you can see listed on their forums), so add it to your favorites, drop by and give them a "welcome back" spanking when you have a chance. ~ Ruggiero

I Can't Keep My Suction Cups off Anything ~ 02.21.05

FYI, all, I reshuffled the map rotation. No biggie, no surprises, but I thought you should know. ~ Ruggiero

Jedi Academy for Mac Patched! ~ 02.09.05

For those few and proud mac players (around here, that means me) JK3- Jedi Academy- has been patched. Supposedly these are the fixes:
1) Fixed visual glitches with the About box.
2) The game could randomly crash when switching between levels - this is now fixed.
3) The background of the Mac console window in the MP app was drawing improperly in Panther.
4) Fixed hitching/suttering framerates in the single-player app.
5) Performance in the MP app has been improved
You can download it here. ~ Ruggiero

FINALLY! Radiant on a Macintosh! ~ 02.01.05

For the few and proud Macintosh Jedis, it is now possible to get Radiant (the mapping program) running on a Macintosh, using OS X. You need to get the standalone installer from versiontracker. You also have to haveX11 installed (a free download at There is a lot of helpful forums at the developer's site. Specifically, you have to deal with some strange PC-like (read: stupidly complicated) configuration issues, but I have it running, as you can see at the this linky. The only drawback is a couple glitches in the "freelook," but one can totally get used to it. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO! ~ Ruggiero

-=RJ=- Trinity ~ 01.03.05

That's right, RJ is solidly into its third year of existence, having come into being Mid-December 2002. Hard to know where the time has gone. Thanks to everyone for some truly great play and even better friendships. ~ JayBaen

DCMod Configurations ~ 01.02.05

I've added DCMod to all gametypes currently running on the server (FFA, TFFA and CTF). Normal TFFA has been changes to "Hunted," where one person becomes literally hunted by the other team -- and it's up to the teammates to protect him/her. Check it out! ~ JayBaen

Map Rotation Changes ~ 12.29.04

I have changed the map rotation. Due to the restarts on the JO server, it never gets to Sublime3 or RJDuelArena until late at night, so I moved Sublime up in the order, and Cloudshark down. I removed one of the Bespins as well (which were in between every custom map), just to give more playtime to our custom maps. If anyone objects, or better, has another map they would like to see in the rotation, give me a holler on the forums. ~ Ruggiero

Dragon Christmas Party ~ 12.19.04

The Dragons hosted a Christmas party, and it was a great success. Not only were the RJ-Tags switched to green and red for the occasion, but such monikers as "RJ-MerryTyrannus," and "RJ-HollyJollyHamstar" were spotted. Thanks go out to the Dragons for such a great idea, and allowing the RJ's to abuse their admin abilities with everyone else. Now we just have to think of a reason to host one on the RJ server.... Groundhog Day, anyone?? ~ Ruggiero

Funny ~ 12.12.04

Not often I'd put such a thing on the front page, but -- 1) it's Obi; 2) yes, we still read logs for those who care; 3) glad you stopped by ....

351:24 say: ^3Obi Wannabe^7: so...if any RJr's actually READ the server logs...
351:57 say: ^3Obi Wannabe^7: please tell Rugg (and anyone else who cares) that I say Moo
352:03 say: ^3Obi Wannabe^7: ..they'll know.
352:06 say: ^3Obi Wannabe^7: ;)

Thought I'd pass this along .. :) ~ JayBaen

Yuna Model Surpasses 3800 Downloads ~ 12.05.04

Still a featured model at JK2files, the Yuna tally now stands at 3868 downloads (and counting). Congratulations to both TheBeast and DAK on some of the finest modeling and skinning done for the series. ~ InfiniteWarrior

Happy Thanksgiving ~ 11.23.04

Everyone enjoy their respective Thanksgivings. It might be this Rodian's favorite holiday....... and try to resist the urge to cut the turkey with a lightsaber. See you on the inside. ~ Ruggiero

A Rodian National Holiday ~ 11.17.04

Tomorrow is a Rodian Holiday, for reasons I will let you discover...... ~ Ruggiero

Mercy ~ 11.03.04

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever." --- Thomas Jefferson ~ JayBaen

VOTE. ~ 11.01.04

Tomorrow, November 2, is election day. Whatever your politics, in this Rodian's opinion, it is essential that you get your voice heard through the imperfect mechanism of our democracy. Most who know me know that I lean to the left side of the spectrum politically (alright, alright, I am firmly left), I honestly believe that it is of far more importance that you get your voice heard, whichever side you lean to, than remain on the ineffectual sidelines. If you are too young to vote, it doesn't matter; no one is too young to think, listen, and talk. So be engaged, be hopeful, be a citizen, and if you are legal, VOTE. ~ Ruggiero

Stats Stuff ~ 10.24.04

I've cleaned up and corrected the stats generation again. Note: the stats are currently only generated from the DCMod instance of the server -- not CTF or TFFA. Check the list for any player "aliases," or bot names I may have missed. ~ JayBaen

Outcast Server Rotation ~ 10.11.04

Scratch my last entry here ... I've decided to do it a bit differently, just to see how it goes. Here's the HOURLY schedule:

8:00 PM to 4:00 PM the server will run DCMod as normal (FFA).
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Capture the Flag (basejk - atm)
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Team Free for All (basejk - atm)

Let me know how this rotation works out. It can be changed ad naseum.

NOTE: The server will physically restart at these times, which means you will have to reconnect to join in the fun. ~ JayBaen

RJ vs RO Match Results ~ 10.10.04

Take a look at the forums to see the results from todays match against RO (TTFA turned Duel). ~ JayBaen

BattleFront ~ 09.29.04

BattleDomain has put up a Star Wars BattleFront server for various testing, etc. Please feel free to make a visit. ~ JayBaen

6000 and Counting... ~ 09.23.04

Sublime3 for Academy just hit another milestone: 6000 downloads on jk2files (plus another several hundred at pcgamemods). I am still amazed by the response. Thank you again to all who helped with the map, and are playing it. Makes a Rodian want to go revisit the Academy server every once and a while.... ~ Ruggiero

Hurricane Madness ~ 09.09.04

Well, it's finally got the best of us ... the recent hurricanes have forced the Datacenter to the edge. Being without utilities for the past week and a half (the power pole torn from the building), and the more recent rain and continued storms are causing intermittent response from every side (utilities, internet backbone, etc). We'll be back up soon. ~ JayBaen

Academy Server ~ 09.05.04

I've switched mods on the Academy Server to the JediPlus 2.1 client preview (available on the downloads page). With the current server configuration, you DON'T need to install the extra .pk3 to join -- but if you do, you'll have extra goodies available to you. Rugg and I gave it a good romp this afternoon and found it to be quite enjoyable. ~ JayBaen

Cross your fingers for the Floridians... ~ 09.04.04

Frances, the sixth hurricane of the season is hitting Florida today; by some very odd coincidence, the home-planet of a number of RJ's. Cross your fingers that it doesn't do them harm. Floridians, let us know that you have weathered the storm, once it passes. ~ Ruggiero

Academy Server ~ 08.15.04

I've had some recent requests concerning the Academy server, so it's been resurrected and currently running the "Reloaded" mod (1.2). If it gets enough traffic and people want to try a different mod, let me know. ~ JayBaen

Tyrannus to Rant (Again) at the Colloquium ~ 08.04.04

This Thursday night, August 5, Tyrannus will be running on at the mouth again, conducting another colloquium. It is open to all who wish to hear the senile old codger illuminate (and lead a group discussion on) the finer points of saberology. ~ Ruggiero

Tyrannus to Rant at the Colloquium ~ 07.29.04

Thursday night at 7pm, your friendly neighborhood codger, Tyrannus, will be hosting a Colloquium on the RJ Server. All are welcome to attend. Expect him to lead discussions on the nuances of his self-described "suicidal" dueling technique, as well as the delicate art of using a saber while in a rocking-chair and shaking one's cane at meddling kids. ~ Ruggiero

Come One, Come All!! ~ 07.24.04

In honor of Jumpin' JayBaen's Birthday, there will be a celebratory smackdown open to all on the RJ server on Sunday Evening where we all get to deliver his much-deserved spankings. Expect festivities to begin between 8-9 EST, and continue until he is too sore to sit. See you there! ~ Ruggiero

Rankings ~ 07.23.04

I've combined a few more aliases and removed any other bots I saw from our rankings. It may have shuffled you around a bit. Please let me know if you are aware of any other "multiple personalities" of which I am not. (I also fixed RGs stats -- better wake the sleeping dragon). ~ JayBaen

A New Member ~ 07.12.04

For the first time in many, many months RJ is proud to announce its most recent addition, the ever-patient HAMSTAR to the ranks. Please congratulate him with a swift saber through the backside when you see him! ~ JayBaen

It's good to be King ~ 07.12.04

If you've ever wondered about the might (or obsessive/compusive-ness) of our little Lizard friend, check out the following:

and of course:

Congrats to our little scaly friend for being such a menace to the JK2 community ... :) ~ JayBaen

Duel Server ~ 07.03.04

Seeing as we're a bunch of duelers anyway, I've replaced our Jedi Academy (JK3) server with a Jedi Oucast Duel server complete with community "standards" such as: No Falling Damage and No Force Powers (except Saber and Jump). I have a feeling it will draw a whole new community to our area, as there are few REAL duel servers out there, and the ones that are have GREAT players on them. Post your thoughts to the forums. ~ JayBaen

One Hour Ago on a Planet Far, Far, Away ~ 06.30.04

Just in case you don't follow this, the Spacecraft Cassini just started its slowdown/ breaking/ orbital manoeuvers around Saturn. It was launched in 1997, and hit Saturn spot on 840 MILLLION MILES AWAY. Follow all the news here: ~ Ruggiero

Colloquium Added to Server Rotation ~ 06.22.04

Come one, come all! The (hopefully) FINAL version of Colloquium was added to the server on Monday night late. It has also been added to the default rotation which now includes 4 maps plus bespin: [bespin/ cloudshark/ bespin/ colloquium/ bespin/ rjduelarena/ bespin/Sublime3]. (That is, it has been added to the rotation if I didn't screw something up, which I could have... who knows? Maybe the server will explode now that I have messed with it... Too bad Baen... That's what you get for letting the Rodian drive...) There were last minute changes to the map, so be sure to grab the current version from the downloads page. I hope you enjoy it. ~ Ruggiero

Return of the Globetrotter ~ 06.20.04

Equanimity is back from his far-flung travels across the planet. Make sure you welcome him back when you see him on the server! ~ Ruggiero

5,000 and Counting ~ 06.18.04

Wow. Sublime3 for JK3 (Academy) topped 5000 downloads from jk2 files this week. Including downloads from pcgamemods, it is close to 5500. Thank you all again. ~ Ruggiero

BattleDomain ~ 06.18.04

Excuse the bit of 'shameless advertising' here ... but, with the closing of JediServers I know people are starting to hunt around for new game services. I provide just that. If you're one of the unfortunate caught abruptly without a server, head on over to BattleDomain. I'm currently matching price for any June Jedi rental and including a 16 person TeamSpeak server, web space, sub-domain, automatic nightly log backups and player stats ranking. How can you pass that up? You may also feel free to contact me directly. ~ JayBaen

Special Sauce ~ 05.31.04

I've decided to remove some of the fixin's regarding blocking, etc on the Outcast server to bring it back closer to 'normal.' After MUCH travelling about, I've noted how very different our server feels compared to others (still, in a good way, IMHO) ... but different none-the-less. This has been done mainly in an effort to keep the playing field as fair and consistent as possible. You should now note that your gameplay will carry from server to server more evenly. ~ JayBaen

Rankings Link ~ 05.31.04

Note: the Rankings link has been added to the navbar for quick reference. (no comment as to who has found their way to the top again ...). ~ JayBaen

Academy1.6fix ~ 05.31.04

For grins, I've thrown Academy Mod back on the Outcast server since it's latest fix. Lemme know what you think. ~ JayBaen

Level3 Peering ~ 05.29.04

Our datacenter has just completed its Level3 circuit. Translation = lower pings for many of you to the server. ~ JayBaen

Live Stats -- Finally ~ 05.15.04

We now have working, automatically updated, live stats each night. Currently, the link is found on (of all places) our "links" page. Eventually, it will move to the side nav-bar for quick finding. Note the good company of players in which we're finding ourselves. Read the FAQ page before asking about the rankings ... LOTS of explanation there. We always have the option of using a different ranking system once a better one is discovered. In the mean time, happy sabering! ~ JayBaen

Duelers 1.1 for Academy ~ 05.04.04

Due to the instincts of one smart Rodian, I have added Duelers Mod to our Academy Server. Finally, Jedi Academy that plays like Jedi Outcast ... unbelieveable. For those of you who actually own the game, please jump in and give it a whirl. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised by the gameplay. This is a pretty default install with only minor adjustments. The sauce may have to be stirred a bit more to suit our tastes. You WILL have to download the mod in order to join, which can be found on our Downloads page in the Mods section. Post your findings to the forums. ~ JayBaen

Lots o' updates ~ 04.26.04

I've done some updating this morning to various parts of the web and server(s). The TeamSpeak page now has an updated version of the script running to match the TS server and client upgrades done last week (client is obtainable from either the link on the TS page, or the Downloads page). I've also added two new maps (not in rotation) to the Outcast server: Universal and Jedi Academy, also available on the downloads page. I'd like to see if there is any interest in adding them to the maps.cfg. Lastly, I cleaned up the server items on the downloads page to reflect what our current configuration actually is (server.cfg, dcmod cfg, etc), as well as updated the mods folder. All that's left is to double check some skins to verify we've got the same items in all locations. Happy surfing. ~ JayBaen

The Return of the Native ~ 04.21.04

There is a rumor about, that Kyzene is returning to broadband-land on Friday....which means he will have about 8 months of grudges to satisfy. So, WATCH OUT! ~ Ruggiero

Another Milestone ~ 04.15.04

Sublime 3 for Jedi Academy has just passed the 4000 downloads mark. Amazing. Thank you, everybody... all 4000 of you. I am overwhelmed. ~ Ruggiero

Public Forums ~ 04.11.04

... have been re-organized a bit. Many now have sub-forums to organize the topics better. Let us know what you think. ~ JayBaen

Holiday ~ 04.11.04

Happy Easter for those of you celebrating today. ~ JayBaen

TeamSpeak ~ 04.08.04

The RJ TeamSpeak server has been re-provisioned to allow anyone access to the lobby. Jump in and meet each other with no need for password or "voicing." ~ JayBaen

New sub-forums in RJExclusive ~ 04.08.04

After a small window of unplanned opportunity to peek in at the RJExclusive forums unprotected (ugh!) we now have some sub-forums for ease-of-topic-navigation. Let me know if you like the functionality and how we can apply it to the public forums. ~ JayBaen

Changes a comin' ~ 03.28.04

Keep your eyes peeled for some additional changes to the servers and site in the near future, the most important of which is a server change. Point your favorites to (Outcast), 29070 (Academy) and 8768 (TeamSpeak). Please post any comments/concerns to the forums. ~ JayBaen

OOPS! ~ 03.22.04

After a momentary lapse of a domain registration, the site is back up and functioning. Sorry about the interruption. ~ JayBaen

RJ vs JSA Match ~ 03.14.04

After a hard-fought match, RJ defeated JSA 10-8 in the match on Sunday evening. A couple of RJ's arrived late, this Rodian included, so we may have lost on a technicality, but the match seemed to go off swimmingly. I am unclear on this point, and expect a full accounting in the forums. Beast, Equanimity, Deacon, JayBaen and Ruggiero participated on the side of RJ. Excellent duels and sportsmanship from the JSA folks and a very tight game with Equanimity dealing the final blow. We all look forward to the next. A screenshot should be appearing on our forums soon... if someone can get me the link (hint!). ~ Ruggiero

Client-side tweaking and Player configs ~ 03.14.04

I've gathered some information regarding things you can do to ease your network woes and your mod chaning blues. Check the pinned topics in "The Jedi Masters" forum for details. ~ JayBaen

Vulcanus Admin Mod ~ 03.14.04

Remember the "clean, simple beauty" of this admin mod (to quote a friend)? Jump in and give it a swing or 2. All RJs have full access to the /am commands. ~ JayBaen

A Whole Pile O' Skins ~ 03.12.04

I have re-uploaded a whole pile of skins and a couple maps to the Outcast server, so all who have felt like your fashion sense was out of kilter can now be seen in all your previous finery. ~ Ruggiero

"Temple of the [Dragon]" Map on JK2 Server ~ 03.05.04

[Dragon] Nightshade's map "Temple of the [Dragon]" is now on the JK2 server. It is quite a piece of work, and it certainly managed to impress this little Rodian. You can get it at JK2 Files (it will eventually make it to our downloads page) at the link here: Stop by and grab the map, and don't forget to rate it once you have taken a gander at some really impressive work. (NB: there is also a jk3 version, which I have not yet seen. More to come on that front.) ~ Ruggiero

JediPlus for Academy ~ 02.28.04

The Academy server has been upgraded to JediPlus 1.8. ~ JayBaen

JA Mod 1.6 ~ 02.28.04

JA Mod 1.6 has been added to the Outcast server. Please jump in and give it a whirl. It should feel very familiar to everyone. The rest of the server skins are forthcoming. ~ JayBaen

Jedi Academy Server ~ 02.22.04

You'll notice that the Academy server is back up again. Please feel free to jump in and give JediPlus mod a run. ~ JayBaen

A Milestone for Sublime3 ~ 02.22.04

-=RJ=-Sublime3 for Jedi Academy just passed the 3000 downloads mark. I am amazed. Thank you all for your help, yet again. ~ Ruggiero

Outcast Server Relocation ~ 02.22.04

PLEASE NOTE: The RJOutcast server has moved to a new location (possibly temorarily), and is running DCMod 1.1. The IP is and is reflected on the Server Status page. PLEASE update your favorites and leave any feedback on the forums concerning the game play of this server. ~ JayBaen

DEA vs RJ Match ~ 02.20.04

If you're interested, I've posted the results from last night's match in the Discussion Forum. Great game, gents and many thanks to DEA for hosting. ~ JayBaen

TeamSpeak ~ 02.19.04

You'll notice that some of our services are beginning to move to other locations (which is where most of my time has been going lately ... story to come). In any case, TeamSpeak is one of them and is alive again. The server IP has changed to, please update your settings and hop on in. ~ JayBaen

Security Alerts ~ 02.12.04

There are two security alerts floating around... 1) Update your windows system using windows update NOW. Run, don't walk. This is a big one. 2) AIM users should be aware that a bogus IM from your friend/random person could be used to install an adware program. More info at P.S. Mac users... not a word. :) ~ Deacon


Hopefully this is it! There is a new version of Sublime3 for JK2 on the server, and on the downloads page. There are 2 pk3's in the zip: one of the map, and one of the duel music (both go in your base folder, though the duel music is now optional). Cross your fingers that this is the one! It is important to delete your old Sublime3 beta. Sublime2 is just fine as is. ~ Ruggiero

JA + Mod v 1.7 for Academy ~ 02.09.04

I've switched to the JA + Mod on the Test Academy server to give it a whirl. Like Reloaded, it is a server side mod with no client download required. However, there are a few configs you'll need if you want to participate in some of the extra functions like clan chat. I've left *most* cvars at their defaults. Jump on in and post your thoughts to the Forums. ~ JayBaen

Last Chance! ~ 02.06.04

If you have seen any bugs or room for improvement in Sub3 for JK2, please post them in the Scene Shop forum thread. I hope to finish work on it soon. ~ Ruggiero

A second stats site. ~ 02.03.04

I've added a second stats parser to the links page for comparison. You'll note that both list players by "skill" and not "kill." Both sites are using the same set of logs, though different calucation methods and are current as of today. Both have style sheets that can be edited to match the format of our web site. Once I can get our hosting site to allow us a scheduled task for flushing the logs daily, we'll make a decision on which to post in the nav bar. In the mean time, give your thoughts to the forums. ~ JayBaen

Sublime3 for JK2 BETA ~ 01.30.04

I have put a BETA version of Sublime 3 for Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast on the server and on the downloads page (at the very bottom). ~ Ruggiero

An Infinitely wonderful moment ~ 01.30.04

A most warm welcome to our newest member, InfiniteWarrior. We are truly honored. ~ JayBaen

Second RJ Saber Colloquium ~ 01.30.04

We are pleased to announce the second RJ Saber Colloquium, to be held on Saturday, February 7, 2004, at 1:00PM EST (-0500 GMT). If you intend to join, please notify Equanimity via a private message or a post on the forums. ~ Equanimity

"infinite" model on JK2Files ~ 01.21.04

To know her is to.... get sabered by her. InfiniteWarrior's gorgeous "Infinite" skin has been posted on JK2Files at the link below. Make sure you download it, as it is on our server, and while you are there, give her a shout! ~ Ruggiero

Tragic ~ 01.19.04

I can't imagine if this were to happen to one of us. ~ JayBaen

Links Page Updated ~ 01.18.04

I've updated the links page to include a few more goodies including the test stats site, our little "RJstore" and another hardware/review site courtesy of EQ. Keep the ideas coming. ~ JayBaen

Inaugural RJ Saber Colloquium ~ 01.17.04

We are pleased to announce the first ever RJ Saber Colloquium on Saturday, January 24, 2004 at 14:00 EST (GMT -0500). The topic of discussion will be "How to achieve a perfect victory." Please come prepared with insights, comments, questions and your light-saber. Please reply to the appropriate thread "Discussion + Demonstration" in the forum topic "Jedi Gym." ~ Equanimity

CelticJan on JK2Files! ~ 01.15.04

Beast's "CelticJan" model is on! Drop by this link and rate it / download it if you haven't already. And remember, to vote your conscience. Great work Beast! Good review too! ~ Ruggiero

IMPORTANT: Beast's new 'CelticJan' Model on server ~ 01.09.04

The Beast has updated his origiinal infinite model to "CelticJan" and submitted it to JK2 Files. It is now on our server, and available on the downloads page. IMPORTANT: Delete "infinite.pk3" from your base folder. [THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED with "Infinite_V2.pk3" Infinite_V2 you can leave. Just delete 'infinite.pk3.] The server now has both "CelticJan.pk3" and "Infinite_v2.pk3" on it, but does NOT have "infinite.pk3." I am sorry if this is confusing, but I am sure you all can handle it. Oh, and the model looks AWESOME. Good work, Beast! ~ Ruggiero

Jedi Academy Macintosh Update ~ 01.05.04

JAMac101b.sit is now in the Downloads section. It is a performance enhancing patch for Jedi Academy for Macintosh. ~ Ruggiero

Sublime3 also on ~ 12.30.03

Well, I managed to get Sublime3 on pcgamemods as well... you can see it at this link. ~ Ruggiero

RJ_Sublime 3 (Academy) Posted on JK2Files ~ 12.30.03 (or, if you prefer, has posted Sublime3 for Academy! Get your copies while they are hot! (And a warm Rodian thank you for the comments!) Sublime3 Link ~ Ruggiero

Reloaded Mod for Academy 1.3 ~ 12.20.03

It seems that there's already a 1.3 patch in the works for Reloaded due in part to the beta testing RJClan is providing to its author, ChosenOne. Check out the forums for a sneak preview. ~ JayBaen

JA for Mac Update on Downloads page ~ 12.19.03

FYI: The JA for Macintosh 1.01a Updater in the downloads section (JAMac101a.sit). It is a bugfix update. ~ Ruggiero

JA for Macintosh News ~ 12.18.03

Jedi Academy for Macintosh should be hitting store shelves today. Note that there is a bugfix update at ~ Ruggiero

Jedi Academy Mod 1.5 for Outcast ~ 12.15.03

Chosen One released his *final* version of Academy Mod for Outcast yesterday. It mainly reflects the changes to the assigning of commands to the varying levels of admin (as he's done with his Reloaded Mod for Academy). I've upgraded our Outcast server and will be posting for the /jklogin folks their new found rights in the forums (in the pinned topic "Server"). ~ JayBaen

-=RJ Clan=- JK2 Server Files Released ~ 12.14.03

You'll notice there has been some reorganization in our Downloads section of the web. With that, I've released my "special sauce" to the world in regards to our Outcast server configurations (passwords excluded .. ;) ) For those of you who have ever wanted the easiest way to set up a JK2 server, simply substitute these configs in the proper folders and voila, the RJ Outcast server is yours. Please remember to modify any and all MOTD and Server Name information before executing. I've left our info in the configs for reference only. ~ JayBaen

JA Server Reloaded Patch ~ 12.14.03

I've applied the 1.2 Reloaded Mod to the JA Server. The update is intended to solve the "memory leak based crashing issue." Post your findings to the forums. ~ JayBaen

Submit News Link ~ 12.14.03

Due to the gracious wizardry of TheLizardKing, we continue to add functionality to our site. You'll notice a new link for your posting pleasure that allows you to submit news articles of interest to be seen right here on the front page of our web. Submit away! ~ JayBaen

JA Stuff ~ 12.12.03

FYI ... I've removed the Reloaded mod off the server until v1.2 is released ... 1.1 continually crashes our server. I've also added the "bonus map pak" from Raven which you can get from the Downloads section. Some great maps in there, make sure you have it before you join. ~ JayBaen

RJ_Sublime3-Academy Submitted to JK2 Files ~ 12.12.03

So RJ_Sublime3 is now done. (It is available at the bottom of our downloads page.) It has been sent to JK2/JK3 Files, and we will see how long it takes them to post it. Cross your fingers for me! ~ Ruggiero


After fixing the issues Liz found, and adding a couple more little touches, RJ_Sublime 3 for Jedi Academy is at Final Candidate. No really, this time I mean it. Seriously, I do. Honest. Anyway, It is now available on the downloads page, and will be running on Jay's server. My schedule is hectic, but I think, if it is good to go, I will send it to JK2 files either at the end of the week or first thing next week. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if this is any trouble. ~ Ruggiero

Jedi Academy for Macintosh Goes Gold ~ 12.09.03

A quick note to mention that JA for Mac has gone gold and has been sent in for duplication. It is expected before Christmas. Hats off to Aspyr for doing it so quickly! ~ Ruggiero

JA Reloaded Mod ~ 12.04.03

The Jedi Academy mod "Reloaded" is up and running on our test server. Remember, you DON'T need to download the mod to benefit from it. This is the first go-around with this mod on this server for us ... be patient whilst we tweak. Post your observations to the forums. ~ JayBaen

JK3 for Macintosh News ~ 12.02.03

JK3 for Mac is at final candidate. For those interested: ~ Ruggiero

Academy Server ~ 12.02.03

FYI ... the Academy server is back up with Rugg's *final* version of Sublime. I've made a few tweaks (again) to the sauce for some better sabering and sped up force regen so you can enjoy Rugg's map more readily at the outset. Do note that all of our current RJ skins are now on the server as well for testing (taunts, etc). Please get on in and give it a go. ~ JayBaen

RJ-SUBLIME V.3 for Jedi Academy ~ 12.01.03

I am releasing what I hope is the final version of RJ-Sublime 3 for Jedi Academy (JK3) tonight. It should be in the downloads section shortly, at the bottom of the page, in the JK3 Files section. However, JayBaen will not have it up on his server until late tonight. At some point soon, I will adapt it for JK2 as best I can, if sufficient interest is shown in the project.... If you notice any serious issues with the map, PM me on the forums as soon as you can. Many thanks to all my testers and all the input from everyone about the map. ENJOY! ~ Ruggiero

The Lizard Wizard Strikes Again! ~ 11.25.03

Liz has worked more wizardry: under our little server window up above, you will now see quick serverstats for both our JK2 and JK3 servers... and on the Server Stats page, you will see both servers' real-time and more detailed statistics as well. GO LIZ! ~ Ruggiero

New Members ~ 11.24.03

For the first time in many months, RJ has accepted 2 new members: Deacon and Darkside. They are a truly a welcome addition to the family. Get on in and give them a good initiation! ~ JayBaen

Happy Birthday to RJ ~ 11.16.03

Can you believe it? It's true, today the Reborn Jedi clan is officially one year old. It's a great feather in our caps to know that we've made it this far, I'm hopeful we can celebrate a second. Thanks for all the play over the last 12 months. ~ JayBaen

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Coming to Macintosh ~ 11.14.03

Aspyr has just announced that JK3 will be coming to Macinotsh soon, probably January. It is currently in beta. Now, if only the saber combat was anywhere near up to par with JK2! ~ Ruggiero

JA Server Update # 2 ~ 11.11.03

Sometime this afternoon, LucasFiles finally posted the jampDed.exe file for download. I have updated our test server accordingly and it is up for testing. Give your feedback in the forums. ~ JayBaen

JA Update (Server) ~ 11.11.03

FYI ... until LucasArts releases the updated Dedicated Server executable (this INCLUDES the Win32 executable .. as there IS NO DEDICATED Win32 patch for that as of yet), the patch does us no good. I've updated our server and will be unable to host a game until the new executable is out. I'll keep you posted. From the Raven Software Forums ... "It's also on LucasFiles now but here's the bummer that I've discovered this evening after updating my client with this patch: It's for clients only or servers running the retail client and it doesn't patch the 1.00 dedicated servers. (I have a game farm with lots of Win servers.) So this means... Your nice and new 1.01 patch uses a later protocol and you can't use it to connect to all those dedicated servers running an earlier protocol and us games hosting companies can't upgrade to 1.01 servers yet. Hopefully they'll release a new jampded.exe to go with the 1.01 patch very soon. Until then don't install it is my suggestion!" ~ JayBaen

The Return of the Rodian ~ 11.07.03

Well, my broadband seems to be working a little earlier than expected, so you will probably see me lurking around the server a bit more. As for Sublime3, I will probably get back to work on it sometime soon, so please post in the (appropriate) forum any bugs/suggestions for it. Also, of note, has been a request for Sublime3 to be brought to JK2. Is this a good idea? Do you think I should do it? Functionality will be lost (spawning rodians/forcepush doors, etc.) but I think it can be done... so let your friendly neighborhood Rodian know what you think. ~ Ruggiero

Forum Posts Re-Opened ~ 11.06.03

You'll notice in the forums that I've changed the cutoff date to "show all posts." This will give everyone a chance to re-read any old posts (that haven't been deleted) and make suggestions on any that we might want to "pin" (if there are any). Plus, it may re-spark some old threads that disappeared. Post away! ~ JayBaen

JA Server Migrated ~ 11.01.03

For those interested, I've gotten the JA server moved to it's new box. Please jump in and play, giving your comments to the forum on needed changes/tweaks. ~ JayBaen

Academy Server Down ~ 10.30.03

I've had to take the Academy server down for a bit, as I'm changing the box it's on. It will return sometime this weekend. ~ JayBaen

JA Server Tweaks ~ 10.29.03

Over the last 2 days, I''ve had some time to actually spend crafting an acceptible config file for the Academy test server. Please jump on and play, posting any commentary to the forums. Hopefully, you will notice differences in collision and accuracy with the sabers. Bots too !!! ~ JayBaen

RJ-Sublime Beta for JK3 ~ 10.28.03

As I will have to be without broadband for a couple of weeks, I thought I should give everyone a little gift: RJ-Sublime for JK3. It is now up in the Downloads section (at the bottom of the page), and should be on Jay's JK3 server this evening (Tuesday). This is a Beta, so any bugs can be reported on the thread I just started in the mapping forum. The Map weighs in around 11mb right now, which has to do with some different music, and replacing a number of textures that were left out of JK3. I also had to concoct a few new textures, as there were many in JK3 which caused huge FPS hits. So, until I have my broadband again..... Enjoy! ~ Ruggiero

Exhausted ~ 10.25.03

Things that have happened to me over the last 2 weeks … 1) I quit my job. 2) Took on a grand employment endeavor. 3) Finally lost that smashed fingernail, now I’m “That guy with the weird finger” 4) Had a car accident (not my fault). Things I want to do over the next 2 weeks … 1) Play Jedi Outcast 2) Play Jedi Academy 3) Kill Rugg 4) Meet Epic 5) Remind Liz he is not invincible ~ JayBaen

Sublime for JA: Progress Report ~ 10.20.03

To all who are wondering about Sublime for Jedi Academy: There is good news and bad news. The good news is that I have managed to get a version that runs on Academy. However, the bad news is that the map size is huge. Right now it weighs in at 17MB. This is mainly because many of the textures I used from JK2 are not included in JA. Also, the music needs to be tinkered with, as it too is not included. These could be path issues, but I was thinking of changing it anyway. Lastly, the behavior of doors and platforms seems odd: some need to be "used," while others don't. So, in short, I am working on getting an exact copy running, before I do any modifications.... Please let me know via the mapping forum if you have any brilliant ideas for modifications for V3. ~ Ruggiero

Long Weekend ~ 10.01.03

I'll be off for a family wedding for the next couple of days starting this evening. Enjoy your time and I'll see you on Sunday. ~ JayBaen

415 and Counting.... ~ 09.30.03

RJ_Sublime2 in the past week or two has been downloaded 415 times from alone--not to mention from here! There is a rumor afoot that someone saw it being used on a JK3 server, but I have yet to get confirmation. I thought it has bugs that I needed to work out for the conversion. At any rate your local Rodian is happy he could in some small way give back to the community of people whom he has caused such embarrassment in the sabering arena. ~ Ruggiero

TeamSpeak Stuff ~ 09.29.03

We've been having some good activity on TeamSpeak lately, we'd love more. Here's the situation: all clan members are "registered users," you can authenticate to the server with your name and password from your RJ email account. Guests, you must log in with a server password of "friends" (note: this is NOT required for clan members). Guests must go to the "visitors" channel to be voiced by a clan member. Let me know if anyone has any issues. ~ JayBaen

JA Password Change ~ 09.27.03

Note: I have changed the JA Test Server password to "candyman" so that those of you who frequent the web site may join us. There are only 6 public slots available, so space is limited. ~ JayBaen

Jedi Academy Server ~ 09.21.03

For those of you interested: in addition to our regular Outcast server, I have put up a JA Server for your running-about pleasure. It may or may not be in the master list, but the IP is and is passworded with ol' faithful. See you on the inside. ~ JayBaen

A Humble Rodian Thank You. ~ 09.21.03

Wow. I am amazed. JK2Files, in the last few days, has registered 141 downloads of RJ_Sublime2, and its rating is hovering around 9.5, with 23 votes, and nine very flattering comments. I have noticed it, even, playing on some other servers! [Dragon] Clan even has it in their regular rotation at Wyrm's Lair. I am really surprised, and flattered at its reception. What truly stuns me is that anyone who is a regular visitor to the RJ Server already has my Rodian pipe-dream, most probably, which means this is another batch of people who are looking at my map, and enjoying the fruits of my labor, and everyone else's thoughtful advice. Thanks again to all of you. And see you on the inside. ~ Ruggiero

JK2Files has the map up ~ 09.15.03

Well, JK2Files posted my map. Let 'em know what you think at ~ Ruggiero

Still Waiting... ~ 09.15.03

I am still waiting on to post my little map... Getting a tad frustrated, but they say they have a lot of files to get through. ~ Ruggiero

WHOOPS! ~ 09.04.03

Due to a combination of Rugg's carelessness (and Beast's perfectionsm) the wrong Infinite model was on the downloads page for 40 minutes today. The right one is on there now, if you experience any difficulties. ~ Ruggiero

Beauty and the Beast ~ 09.04.03

Beast has made another great model, now on the server. It is called "infinite.pk3" in honor of our frequent guest and good friend, InfiniteWarrior. It is available on the downloads page. It was a huge amount of work, and in my opinion, extraordinarily executed. Good work Beast! ~ Ruggiero

RJ_Sublime2 Submitted to ~ 08.31.03

Well, I finally got around to submitting my little Sublime map to We will see if/when they post it. I am a little nervous about the "review"... but everyone's compliments and suggestions and encouragement helped out. Cross your fingers! ~ Ruggiero

Server Routing Issues Fixed ~ 08.28.03

If anyone had been having trouble with packetloss at our server (some were, some weren't: it depended on your provider and route), it should be fixed, now. It looks as if everything is back up and running as smooth as silk. We look forward to seeing you there! ~ Ruggiero

Ed-u-ma-ca-tion ~ 08.22.03

Here's hoping that all of you who still have to deal with the riggors of school have had a good week (or so) back. Come and kick a Jedi around a bit to relieve the stress! ~ JayBaen

TeamSpeak ~ 08.17.03

For those of you who use TeamSpeak, they have released a new client that I have put in the downloads section. It will install easily over top of your current version. Upgrade when you get the chance. ~ JayBaen

Impalpable ~ 08.15.03

I hear the Rodian may be lurking. Keep your eyes peeled ... ~ JayBaen

RJ Thursday ~ 08.14.03

I was going to hold off on this due to the power-outage many are experiencing, but ... at 9:00 the server will go up for RJ only. Bring your shoes and your poetry. ~ JayBaen

Servers Settling ~ 08.09.03

Well, it looks like we are back on track again with our game hosting. The IP of our server (RJClanClassic) is and is reflected in the Server Stats page and quick stats in the banner. Please update your favorites list. Also note that I have have taken some time to clean up the downloads page a bit, reflecting the current mod(s) we are running and skins, maps, etc. It should be accurate. If it's not, please email me. ~ JayBaen

Clan Classic New IP ~ 08.08.03

Please be sure to stop by the new RJ Clan Classic server (literrally ... new box, new connection, etc). It more than likely will end up our new permanent home. The IP is ~ JayBaen

Server IP changing for RJ Clan Classic ~ 08.07.03

Hold on tight for RJ thursday ... the server box is going to be going through some changes prior to RJ Thursday starting. I'll update you as we go. Let's plan for 9:00 pm instead of 8:00 for this evening. Keep checking the RJ Bulletin for updates ... ~ JayBaen

Classic Server and RJ Thursday ~ 08.05.03

FYI -- our oiginal 'classic' server is back up at it's old address with all but one of it's slots open publicly. We'll use this server for our RJThursday this week (I'll password it with ol' faithful) and leave the larger one open to the public. Hope to see you there! ~ JayBaen

RJ-Sublime Version 2 ~ 08.03.03

RJ-Sublime is now at version two. Anyone who downloaded it Sunday night, please delete that file, and grab a new one from the downloads section on Monday morning. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Just a little bugfix, but don't want you getting invalid pk3 errors. ~ Ruggiero

The Return of the Native ~ 08.02.03

Jumpin' Jay Baen should be returning late Saturday night. He most likely will not be visiting the server until Sunday. Make sure you get your licks in whilst he is still clumsy! ~ Ruggiero

Another skin! ~ 07.31.03

OneWingAngel and Beast have put together yet another skin! Such a burst of creativity from the RJs! It is called RJ-Mace, and it is on the server and in the downloads section. It is really great work. As many may have noticed, there have been a number of rarely-used skins taken off our server lately, due to some jitters. They will be re-added, both to the server and the downloads section slowly, to keep an eye on them. In the meantime, feast your eyes on RJ Mace! ~ Ruggiero

Links Page ~ 07.29.03

We have put up a links page, with links to JK2 resources (many of which I have found helpful in my mapping adventures), to other clan sites, and other things, which will be expanding. If anyone has any ideas of other links to put there, please your friendly neighborhood Rodian know. ~ Ruggiero

Initiation! ~ 07.25.03

Make sure to give the "what-for" to our newest member, Equanimity. Congrats. It is well deserved. ~ JayBaen

Vacation ~ 07.25.03

I'll be out of town beginning this Sat. (Jul 26), till the following Sat. (Aug 2) for an anniversary excursion extrordinaire. Hold the fort down while I'm gone (as such a big fort it now is). ~ JayBaen

Thank You. ~ 07.25.03

I wanted to take a moment and make sure I said thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. It's nice to be remembered. Also, a special shout to OneWingAngel for the great skin. I wear it proudly. ~ JayBaen

Daddy gets a new pair of shoes! ~ 07.25.03

Check it out! RJ has a new server. The good news it's twice as large as our previous and less expensive. You will notice some ping differences (higher or lower) depending on your geographic location. It can be found at Please update your favorites list. ~ JayBaen

...And He Gets a Present ~ 07.24.03

In addition to Jay buying HIMSELF a birthday-present (more on that later), our resident skinner, OneWingAngel has created a skin for Jay. It is based on his "Wolfe" character skin, but is vastly improved, in this Rodian's humble opinion. It is up on the server, and of course, on our downloads page. Happy birthday, Jay. ~ Ruggiero


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jaaa-aaay,
Happy Birthday to you. let's see if he has the courage to show up for his spanking. ~ Ruggiero

Links ~ 07.20.03

We've added the "Forums" link back to the navbar for easy finding (and posting). Also, you'll note the "PayPal" link for, well ... giving .. :) ~ JayBaen

More Changes ~ 07.20.03

We again are forging forth with additional updates to the site. Our newest mapper, Ruggiero (!) has compiled quite a beauty for his first go-around. Called RJSublime, it proves to be just that and has been added to both the downloads section and the rotation. Be sure to pick it up. Also, clan members, continue to check out the RJ-Only section of the site as it is beginning to take shape. ~ JayBaen

TeamSpeak ~ 07.16.03

RJ, TeamSpeak is tested and working well. All clan members are currently registered with the same username/pass as you use to gain access to your RJ email. You just need a mic set up and the client downloaded to chat real-time with other persons in the 'room.' Come give it a go! ~ JayBaen

Extended Functionality ~ 07.13.03

Take note, the ability to communicate between our little band of friends is expanding. We've added a correspondence page that further enhances our means of interaction. From there you may post to the forums, jump into our IRC room right from your browser or join the world of TeamSpeak and chat real-time with others on the server (you need to have a working microphone for this). You will also need the general password to access the TeamSpeak server (ask an Admin). Clan members are already registered with TS and may access with the same credentials they use to access their web-mail. If anyone experiences any technical difficulty with using the new features, please drop us a note in the forums under "The Jedi Help Desk." ~ JayBaen

RJ Thursdays! ~ 07.07.03

Beginning this week, the server will be closed each week to all non-RJ from 8:00 - 10:00 pm on Thursdays for fun and frolicking with the clan folk. Go RJ! P.S. Welcome Kyzene back on his 56K connection. Romp him while you can ... ~ JayBaen

Holiday Weekend ~ 07.03.03

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and fun vacation for the 4th of July. I'll be bringing my saber skills to the table a bit more the next few days with Ruggiero out rooting around his homeland. Come on in and give the 'ol JayBaen a run for his money! ~ JayBaen

Prowling the Wasteland of Rodia ~ 07.01.03

For the weekend, Ruggiero will be roaming his rugged Rodian realm. He will return, rambunctious and resolute as ever, early next week. ~ Ruggiero

New Maps on the Server ~ 07.30.03

After some running around on the "Dueler's Server" this afternoon, we have added two maps to the Main Server: "StarHell" and "The Matrix Reloaded." StarHell may eventually make it into the "rotation," so please be sure to get it. ~ Ruggiero

Beastly ~ 06.23.03

After little deliberation, we have accepted Beast into the RJ ranks. Please congratulate him when you see him. ~ JayBaen

Humble Pie ~ 06.23.03

RJ earned their first war-wounds in a graciously hosted clan match with AP last evening. It proved to be a great opportunity to meet some of the here-to-fore unaquainted members of their group in a contest of confidence as much as skill. Many thanks for putting forth their resources to such a clean event. See the forums for a breakdown of the match. ~ JayBaen

Facelift! ~ 06.18.03

Thanks to some great coding by TheLizardKing and some slick design by Ruggiero, we've got a new site! Please have a look around and let us know what you think. Don't forget to stop by the Forums and register so that you can give us your 2 cents on anything from Galaxies to Huma's v2 RJDuelArena map. The Server Status page, the Shoutbox and the RJOnly pages will be finished up this week. Happy surfing! ~ JayBaen

Rankings ~ 06.22.03

For those of you unaware, there is a great ranking system (or at least, we think so ... ;) ) over at CSports. Check out where you stand against fellow Jedi of the universe. ~ JayBaen

Preparation ~ 06.15.03

To those of you wondering why the site has looked like a ghost-server lately, TheLizardKing, Ruggiero (and, at times, myself) have been furiously working on the new-and-improved web interface. I know you will be very pleased with their work once released. Look forward to it soon. ~ JayBaen

Homage ~ 06.04.03

In honor of the absence of Knight -=RJ=-Kyzene, I have retired his "hot-pants" garb from the web. FireSith will still be playable on the game server, but no longer available for download. Fare-you-well Kyzene. ~ JayBaen

Web and Server updates! ~ 05.29.03

We've made some subtle changes to the server recently. You'll notice that the map rotation now includes one new map and always returns to Bespin between the custom maps. Also, OneWingAngel is creating a clan skin that is available in beta form for play in the downloads section. Look for an upgraded web interface in the near future. ~ JayBaen

A Meeting of the Minds ~ 05.27.03

During a great trip to Florida to check out the "Star Wars Weekends" at MGM, I finally got to meet face-to-face the ever-powerful Lizard and recently-unbeatable Huma! (Oh yeah, and Defster!!!) Glad to dine on wings with you. GO TRIVIA! ~ JayBaen

Dueler's Mod upgraded ~ 05.27.03

If you've ever checked out the Dueler's Mod that's playing on the second server, do note that it has been upgraded to the latest version (now available in our downloads section). You will need the upgrade to connect. ~ JayBaen

JA Mod 1.3 ~ 05.21.03

The mod is out for public consumption and on the server! Many new features, many bug fixes. Stop on in and enjoy the fun. ~ JayBaen

A Second Farewell ~ 05.19.03

For the second time in a week, the RJ folks suffer the loss of another member. It would appear that -=RJ=-Kyzene and his family will be moving and losing their broadband service. He has said he will keep in close communication and re-join us when the opportunity arises. Wish him well as you play him for what may be the last time over the next couple of days. Farewell my "assasin." ~ JayBaen

A Worthy Promotion! ~ 05.15.03

Please welcome to the ranks of JKTrainer, our second full admin, the Master himself --- -=RJ=-Ruggiero! His aid on the server will be a most favorable addition. Please consider us interchangeable as the go-to-guys for server administration. ~ JayBaen

Goodbye ~ 05.15.03

Today we bid a fond farewell to XeroSaber. His lack of input on the server will be surely noticed. He does promise to visit every now-and-again. Encourage him on his future endeavors as you see him. ~ JayBaen

JA 1.3 update on the horizon ~ 06.17.03

For those of you keeping up ... JASE Mod we are running. It's just info for you at this point, we can't lay our hands on it yet .. :) ~ JayBaen

Order ~ 05.13.03

With the hosting of our server at an outside source with a great connection, we are stumbling upon any number of interesting, yet overly exciteable characters wandering through our midst. Statistics from are also showing an increase of players in the JK2 community. I (with the help of some selected clan folk) will begin "laying the smack down" to those not not adhering to the RJ cachet. ~ JayBaen

Clan Mail ~ 05.11.03

If you haven't checked your clan email in a while, please do so. I've sent out a small barage of info your way lately. Please respond as you are able. ~ JayBaen

Just when you thought I'd died ... ~ 05.01.03

No, really ... I'm still around. I've gotten roped into ... err, I mean, asked to play for a musical this week(end), and it has eaten my time alive. I did manage to get wind of the visit from my long lost friend, Hikeyu. What a great surprise. Hope to catch all of you shortly. ~ JayBaen

Family Absence ~ 04.25.03

Due to a visit from my family this weekend (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, their children), my time on the server will be a bit sparse. I'll be keeping up on email, however, and stopping in when I am available. ~ JayBaen

Web Site Updates ~ 04.22.03

Clan members and others ... revisit the site soon to see future upgrades being put in place by our own "crusher," TheLizardKing. A members section, as well as a clan-only section are coming quick on the horizon. ~ JayBaen

Membership ~ 05.14.03

After a short hiatus, we welcome back to the fold the mighty Tyrannus, whose skill and wit are ever a challenge. Secondly, but only by mention, is the ever-elusive BlueGrass -- quite a strong player, and worthy of your attention. We are very pleased to have you both on board. ~ JayBaen

Secondary Site -- Duelers Mod ~ 04.20.03

Clan members only ... I've put up a secondary server running "Duelers Mod" (though, probably not what you may think). Do an internet search from within the game to find the server and enter your normal private slot password to gain entrance as it is protected. I've enabled a few "party tricks" to make it interesting. What is especially intriguing is the duelers "tournament ladder" that runs concurrently to the FFA. The mod (which must be installed client-side) is available on the web site for download. Hop on in when you are available to try out some of its features. ~ JayBaen

Internet dDOS Attacks Cripple Server ~ 04.18.03

For those of you frequenting our server, you may have noticed some rather intermittant connections. It seems that the hosting company has undergone heavy Denial Of Service attacks against it's network as of late. They are committed to solving the problem, however, and gameplay should stablilize shortly. ~ JayBaen

IRC! ~ 04.08.03

Come One, Come All! We've got an IRC room! Stop by #rjclan on irc.gamesnet to chat with members or other friends of the server. ~ JayBaen

Updates ~ 04.06.03

The server has been updated with various skins and maps. Check out the downloads section for the goods. ~ JayBaen

Server Updates ~ 04.06.03

The server will be down for updaing Sunday morning (04/06) until approximately noon (EST). ~ JayBaen

Personal DSL Change ~ 04.03.03

It's finally happening. Friday, April 11 my DSL will cutover from BellSouth to SpeedFactory. Unfortunately, that evening, I'll be installing a new Win2K server for a client and won't be able to enjoy my long-awaited packetloss-less connection until Saturday. 8 bless-ed days ... ~ JayBaen

Jedi Academy Mod 1.2 ~ 04.01.03

The latest version of Jedi Academy Mod has been released and is being run on our server. New features include Duel Stats, (am)Terminator and further refined coding. It may be acquired here in our downloads section. (Note: there is no need to install this mod as a client -- it is provided more as a courtesy for it's readme than anything else). ~ JayBaen

And the family grows ... ~ 03.28.03

For the first time in several weeks our membership has increased. We welcome the consistent skill of XeroSaber and the return of OneWingAngel to the fold. Thanks to both of you for your patience. It's a pleasure to have you on board. ~ JayBaen

Server Status Page ~ 03.28.03

Take note! Our Server Status page is functional. Simply click the link to see who's playing as well as any other details about the current condition of the server that may be of interest to you. Thanks again Liz for the great addition! ~ JayBaen

Jedi Academy Mod 1.1 ~ 03.24.03

I've decided to put this mod on the web site for download because of the 'readme' that is contained within. I get quite a lot of questions as to what it does and how to use it. Simply extract the readme to a directory and see what all the fuss is about! ~ JayBaen

New Jedi Council Map ~ 03.24.03

Our firends over at "The Jedi Order" have released version 3 of thier Jedi Council map. It's not currently in our rotation but a very popular map none-the-less. You can find it in our downloads section if you'd like to take a look-see. ~ JayBaen

TeamSpeak2 ~ 03.23.03

I'm experimenting with a TeamSpeak2 server. For anyone who would like to test it with me, please download the client under the "Essentials" section. I will email you your login info. This could prove especially useful when having a "meeting" or discussing changes to the server or the web. ~ JayBaen

Downloads Section ~ 03.22.03

The downloads section of the site is beginning to take shape due to a great script from our own TheLizardKing! Get all you'll need concerning maps, models or other goodies regarding our server here. ~ JayBaen

AP Match ~ 03.21.03

I'm still shoring up the details regarding the clan match with AP. The tentative time frame is currently the beginning of April on a weekend. I'll post the finalities once confirmed. It's nice to see the AP "scouting us." Keep visiting! ~ JayBaen

A site link ~ 03.21.03

I always get questions regarding admining and server setup. Shortly we are going to add a forum to the site where we can respond to questions concerning the various aspects of a successful clan server. In the mean time, for those of you trying to get a server up and running for the first time, may I suggest that you visit Great tips for newbie (and not so) admins. ~ JayBaen

My Connection ~ 03.19.03

Well ... after a 2 hour phone call to BellSouth and several 'escalations' today, they are finally going to 'look into the problem' with my connection as of late. It's as if I'm asking them to do their job, or something ... ~ JayBaen

Server ~ 03.19.03

To all who are wondering ... our IP address for the server has changed to This is a static address and should stay in your 'favorites' once added. Thx for visiting, come often. ~ JayBaen

Welcome ~ 03.17.03

Glad to have you visiting. This is the first week the site is online, and as you can see, we are still under construction. Come back often to see what may have been added. ~ JayBaen

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