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i recommend those who dont watch it to start... i saw the pilot episode and now im hooked. im buying season 1 and 2 and 3, and i bought the game already and im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hooked.... omg this show is incredible.... go alias!!! smile.gif
Alias IS awesome. IMHO the best series on TV today. VERY well written and directed.

<--- already owns (and has watched again season 1 and 2. Three is NOT out yet (as it just aired this year).

you mean better than doogie howser?
I agree with the fact that Alias is

A friend of mine owns the 1st and 2nd season... and it took me about 2 weeks (of vacation) to breeze through them... and I downloaded the complete 3rd season off the internet... and also breeze through it within another week (of vacation).

Very skillfully written and I love all those plot twists smile.gif

Can't wait for season 4... with the way the 3rd one ended bang.gif

- Beast
oh wow, fans as well! i knew Jay liked it but didnt knwo BEast did. i onyl remember that Jay once said, while i was in the server, "I must go now, Jennifer Garner beckons." to which we were like...wah? so Pooba said he was gonna go watch Alias. hehe i shoulda left with him that time cuz this show is awesome. the show is VERY VERY well written. ive just ordered seasons 1 and 2 and u bet ill get season 3 and 4 adn however many they make. those who love alias, raise ur hand!

*raises hand*
Oh Beastie ...

We may have to set up a little FTP 'stash' for season 3 ....

I have a friend who's trying to catch up before season 4 starts.

PM me if you're interested in helping out.

PM me too, if u would. id love to see season 3 as well. and btw, what times does alias come on in the week?
ive been rentin the dvd's from work for now. smile.gif
Regular Season .. Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST.

ty biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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