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Full Version: Swg: Unlocking The Jedi Profession
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I made this topic because I know a lot of people want to become a Jedi as a profession and it is to my understanding that any person has an equal chance of becoming a Jedi, but one must unlock the profession by aquiring the Force Sensitive ability.

I have read many topics/posts on theories of unlocking the Jedi Profession. Hints are as follows:

huh.gif Doing extreme and hard missions for the computer controlled people in the game.

huh.gif Mastering a total of 3 professions before unlocking the Jedi Profession. 1 being Starting Profession, 1 Elite Profession, 1 Hybride Profession.

huh.gif Searching the Galaxy for a Jedi Trainer.

I have read these and wondered about some things myself kind of coming up with my own theory. I do believe that my theory is actually more accurate since I've stumbled across hints along the way of playing in-game, reading the strategy guide, and thinking about the movies during this time period. All of the hints I have come across can't be coinsidences. I could share my theory with you which indeed would make a lot of sense. However everyone is trying to become a Jedi and it is said by the company that "Jedi's will be rare and very few amongst everyone will be able to become this profession for one reason. Figuring out how to become a Jedi. Those who truely know a lot about the movies and the Star Wars Universe will have a better chance at succeeding at unlocking the Jedi Profession." I will not post my theory on this message board because if I did someone else would most likely spread it to other people. There are very few who I would wish to share my theory with and just 1 person in the RJ clan that I could trust not telling anyone else. I think that person knows who he is. It would not be fair to have a whole bunch of Jedi's on a planet and would be more intriging if there we not so many.

I hope all of you that play Galaxies and want to become a Jedi succeed in doing so. Just a hint to all of you that are searching for such a profession. Read the strategy guide and remember the timeline in the movies and think a little.
Thx for your post Alex.

Guess I'll have to do a little 'digging' to see what I can come up with .. smile.gif

im getting this for birthday.i hope to see many of u playin it.maybe we'll cross paths,hehe.(u know i ll go jedi prof. first.DARK SIDE ALL THE WAY!)

catcha l8r cool.gif
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