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Full Version: Playstation 2 Online Gamers?
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if u have a ps2 and play online hit me up and tell me which games u play. i have socom 2 and some sports games along with Tony hawk underground. if u wanna play sometime it would rock so tell me. biggrin.gif
btw, add me if u have a game i said. my name is Xerosaber in all my games. biggrin.gif
PC Online > PS2 Online

Ah.. Xero.. I believe I should tell you that I am now a fan of Cowboy Bebop, the show and movie. Darn that Spike..
hehe i knew i would win u over if u would only give it the tiniest bit of a chance. wink.gif love it eh? spike=best anime character ever... :'( and i know PC online ownz PC but come on, some games are PS2 only adn they rawk. biggrin.gif such as the Cowboy Bebop video game in development. wink.gif (seriously)
and i know PC online ownz PC but come on

you mean ps2

Is the bebop game only for PS2 or what? cause I don't have one.

P.S. I like Andy better than Spike.
u like andy....? omg *SLAP* i hated andy , lol... CALL ME MUSASHI!!!!!!!! and the CB game is ps2 only i think. so NANNER NANNER BOOO BOOOOO!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
*Has a monopoly on the big console names* Mua ha ha!

Anywho.. my favorite character is either Faye or Spike. I think Ed can be annoying. I haven't seen all the episodes, though! Is there anywhere I can buy them or something? I have fallen in love with this series..

--- To get on topic.. ---

The Cowboy Bebop game.. do you know what you'll be doing in it? And.. did you get Final Fantasy Online (which is it called, FFXII?)
hehe i havent gotten FFXI yet but i will as soon as i pay off my credit card, which is maxed out to 700 bux biggrin.gif but i loved every second of it hehe. and i dont know a thing about the game. i only know of its existence because a small quote in my GameInformer magazine. an editor was saying something like, "... and all i know is that the upcoming PS2 Cowboy Bebop game had better not suck like the LUpin the 3rd game did, cuz it has a huge reputation to live up to..."

and Ty, u can find the Cowboy Bebop series online. there are 6 installments basically, 6 DVD's. i recommend you buy the Bandai ones, not the bootleg ###### u find everywhere else. the DVD's come with like 4 or 5 episodes each and are 25 bux a pop. go to they usually have good prices on it, from 22-25.

Cowboy Bebop Pricings Etc

also, dont buy the Best Sessions. thats just the 5 best episodes, but if u buy all the DVDs its a waste. smile.gif im glad u finally saw the light, because that anime is truly one of the greatest ever created, and yes Edward is annoying sometimes but is very funny too. smile.gif and i like Spike the best... smile.gif u will love the episode with Andy in it, lol. so check out the DVD's, i have the first 4 and am gettin the rest soon.

also, try and search for Cowboy Bebop. look for results that look like this:
Cowboy Bebop - Session 1 DVD (2003) they are divided into 6 sessions, so take a look around. they rawk. biggrin.gif

WARNING: Dont buy the 3 DVD set, always look for the 6 DVD set. the 3 dvd is a bootleg...
Tyrannus.... in my GameInformer magazine i just read that Cowboy Bebop is gonna be on Playstation 2 only and will release IN OCTOBER 2004!!!!omg.. I CANT WAIT!!! THE SCREENSHOT LOOKS STRAIGHT OUTTA THE ANIME!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

check it out!!!
aww crap I gotta buy a ps2 now..
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