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Full Version: Who's Your Favorite....
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What a stupid poll! smile.gif

Goin' with Spidey, myself. (Not the current cinematic version, btw. Bleech! But the original Spiderman.) Let's face it... he's the only one who's ever in any real danger. His only "powers" are his spider-senses and the ability to walk on walls. The webs are just a gadget he cooked up. He's kind of a runt, so he doesn't even fight that well.

So, he's vulnerable! If he falls off a building, he at least gets knocked out. smile.gif Spidey's the best ... because, unlike the more invulnerable superheroes, it takes courage on his part to fight the good fight. <--- Corny, isn't it?

Batman has a lot of cool toys, of course, but relies mostly on his Martial Arts skills to get by. The original was also a dangerously dark-sided, brooding sort. I don't know... just makes him a little more interesting than the "Truth, Justice and the American way"-type. smile.gif So, he'd be a strong second.

I would vote for Tyrannus, but like former Senator Strom Thurmond, he probably wouldn't be awake long enough to catch the results.
G R E E D O !!!!!!
I think spider-man is the best. And aside from the spider sense and wall crawling he has super agility and strength as well but not to much strength like superman or Hulk.
The WORST is Superman! dry.gif
I don't get how you can beat a guy who's completly invulnerable to just about everything. When you see a gun pointed at him, everyone is around him, thinking "Oh Crap! He's gunna get killed!"

So what happens?!

The frigin bullets just bounce off him like they're nothing. Out of nowhere, hes able to shoot lasers out of his eyes, and then he starts to blow ice just for the hell of it!

Batman RULES! wub.gif He does'nt even have any powers. Just a big array of weapons, and kick-ass martial arts skills. Hell, he never uses a gun. Just whips the guy's ass like it's nothing biggrin.gif . He even does the work for the police, and ties up the guys in a big net smile.gif .

Try and find a superhero who doesnt have any powers, but who can still whip ass? happy.gif

Batman is just....the man...

Going against DS on this one... and if it's like duels... I'll get clubbered... but hey... gotta stand up for what you think smile.gif

I'm the one who voted Superman... I haven't any real reason for this... I just like the guy... his opinions on things... the path he choose (he could really have been one of the bad guys for the way 'normal' people treat him)... how he handles his 'non-superhero' alter ego (ok... kind of crapy for the glasses thing... but you can't have everything can you??? tongue.gif).

Yeah he's got very useful super powers... nearly invulnerable... hell he isn't even from this earth...

but I think he's the best because... even if he's nearly invulnerable...he's always beaten the crap out of by the stronger villains that would take all other SuperHero for breakfast and chew them out in a minute (yeah I'm talking about that Batmanyou love so much smile.gif)... as for 'stronger villains' I'm refering to Doomsday and that kind of things.

Oh well... couldn't held back... I had to post smile.gif

- Beast
*Votes for Tyrannus*
superman. cuz he would spank all the other guys. if u cant hurt him, u cant beat him, and i know batman has no kryptonite on him, neither do the others.

and why i like him? go see Kill Bill Vol. 2 and listen to Bill at the end.. youll know why,....
Yoda... do I really need to explain this?

Yoda, he's a bad mother...

shut your mouth!

But I'm talkin about Yoda...

Then we can dig it!

I voted for Spiderman cool.gif ....i agree with Infi on this one. Atleast when he falls he gets hurt...not like superman(that dude gets on my nerves) who like DS said, just stands there while the bullets r bouncing off a him wink.gif ...thats just plain stupid laugh.gif . Plus I like spiders, their cool with there webs and stuff...even though Peter Parker is a little wimpy at times happy.gif , and has no muscle at all i think....he is still pretty cool. Hell, I would like to walk up walls and junk too...but alas I can't cause only my bud spidey can do it! biggrin.gif Plus I loved Spiderman 1 and am still waiting for Spiderman 2, too come out.. Hey Tyr I would have voted for know.. tongue.gif

i voted for teh X-Men.. Nightcrawler is teh BEST.. he can jump through a time/space continuum.. rip out your eyes and be home before his popcorn is done.... awesome agility, and this guy jus looks like someone you wouldnt wanna mess with.. 2nd place is definitely teh silver surfer cus well.. who has teh style and grace to surf on ice.. tahts skill smile.gif
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