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I was just wondering how many ppl here like to listen to Linkin Park?
I listen to them a little... I do love the song Numb... very very high on my list.. happy.gif cool.gif cool.gif happy.gif
Kool DarkSykes. So if u listen to them a little then wuts ur favorite CD made by them.
i truly despise linkin park.. tehy are teh epitome of poprock and stole there lil act from the great RATM... there lyrics are depressing, the drumbeats are ABSOLUTELY pathetic, the guitar riffs are SO incredibly simple, and why did tehhy even throw taht DJ in there.. hes a discrace to turntablism, this band offers nothing but pricey tickets to their concerts and not to mention tehy completely SOLD OUT, this band has no talent.. taht one guy does have an ok voice but with such empty lyrics.. i mean.. come on.. do tehese guys really have to complain?.. tehy are poprock superstars with millions of dollars selling out stadiums but tehy feel tehy need to talk about death and other dreary ideas.. i dunno.. its jus my opinion.. there is no soul in thsi band.. tehy arent in it for teh music.. jus to sell 1000's of records and tew sell out shows.. yes, tehy got famous.. but at waht cost.. disgracing teh music RATM made in teh early 90s? bands like limp bizkit, LP, Crazy Town, and all teh like should be kidnapped BY RATM and killed for disgracing such a sweet sweet genre.. another thing.. there is NO message except depression in those bands, RATM had a REAL message!!.. can someone clue meh into waht LP has done for teh American public except feed tehm crappy music WHICH isnt even wrriten by them!1. if you LP fans didnt kno.. there last two CD's were written bby tehere label.. tehy are jus puppets for teh big music industry to monopolize teh rest of teh scene.. GRASSROOTS

ps. no one get offended byu this.. jus my opinion ya kno tongue.gifP
RATM was a group of political pansies who bitched about anything they didnt like just because they wanted to bitch. thats why they broke up and why they werent as succesful as LP. If u were to take all ur post and switch around LP and RATM in every sentence almost, u would have MY opinion. its the exact opposite, cuz u dont hear anything else like them on the radio. they are the only people with that style who have made it, mainly because they are the only ones who are good at it, proven by them still being together and selling more albums than RATM ever did...

*thats MY opinion wink.gif*
tehy fought for waht tehy believed in.. and bro.. if you think rage's guitar riffs are simple.. heh.. its tom morello, hes a genious.. he doesnt jus play power chords, and brad wilk on drums?.. INTENSE.. LP's drummer, come on.. no skills AT all.. (look at their sheet music to verify this) rage wrote all their own stuff.. LP doesnt!!.. no respect for any band who can not even write their own musiC!!.. come on now tongue.gif and teh reason taht LP is so much more popular is because MTV LOOOOVES them.. its a cash cow.. rage could never be a cash cow because of their raw material and gritty political views, tehy had a voice of their own while LP has a voice of a mega corporation behind them.. get it?.. teh guys in LP are told EXACTLY what to do when to do it.. no respect for puppets mang sad.gif.. and you couldnt reverse ratm and lp in meh last post since 1) rage never had a turntablist 2) rage ALWAYS wrote their own material 3) rage put out their hard hitting music with a distinct political agenda backing it up WHILE LP sings someone elses songs...
also.. dun say why rage broke up when you clearly do not know.. its actually uncertain why tehy broke up.. but most people and zach de la rocha himself have said teh govt was involved in teh breaking up of RATM due to their political messages.. tahts impact.. tahts a band trying to do something to change this corrupt world we are living in, not feeding teh corporate machine like LP is doing...
i said almost everything, not all sentences. read the post again. the bottom line is i dont like RATM because they are whiny little bitches who dont jsut stand for what they believe, they bitch our ears off about it. i have no respect for that group cuz they arent righteous protesters, they are whiny incessant bitches. and thats why they kicked out the lead singer... he was the only one who wanted to be political and ######, so he got the boot, and good riddance....
i listen to LP a little but ive never even heard of the other more in heavy metal myself....iced earth, iron maiden, metallica....oh ya ^^

uve never heard of rage against the machine? what planet are YOU from? they were like... the biggest bitches since Anna Nicole... tongue.gif
using curses too demonstrate a point is.. well pointless.. and all taht might be tru about ratm but tehy are broken up anyways.. and this post isnt about ratm.. its about LP.. and LP is everything i stated in my above posts so ill jus leave it at taht
look binx this thread is about if u like LP or not dont go into detail about how much u want to f)(king kill them.
again .... ended. Take the crying game somewhere else.

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