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Full Version: This Should Make Hamstar Happy
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So far about 3 minutes of fast moving Episode 3 footage has been shown in two segments to people loosely involved in projects related to Episode III. Mostly it is of Obi Wan and Anakin in a fierce saber fight, in one particular section Hayden pulls off a very angry face everyone will love!

One unrelated scene features a headless fallen statue of a Jedi, to one person it looked like the Jedi temple.

George seems keen on the idea that an Episode 3 game you will see sometime soon you get to play as Vader.

George was also speaking on how one loses their humanity with gaining power, and that elements of Episode 3 are about this struggle within Anakin's world.

Another clip people are talking about is just two and a half seconds - a quick shot from the opening space battle with a huge cruiser being split in two.

Wookies are normally bigger than Chewie and covered in armor (like Chewie's figure from Shadow of the Empire).

The climactic battle that takes place at the end of the Republic Commando game is set on Kashyyk with Wookies and Clone troopers versus Grievous and the Trandoshan Slavers, this may also feature in Episode 3.
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nice nice nice rugg nice. really nice. how many times can i say nice idk ask someone nice LOL biggrin.gif
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