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Full Version: Noted Without Comment.
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An Interesting BBC news Article.

sweet. i find it odd that people say females are treated badly in some games. i hate CS with a passion, simply because it sux, it sucks, it sukks, and it sucx, mainly becasue its outdated grafx, crappy controls, and pointless redundancy.

i think that females, in JO at least, are treated with respect. when i hang out at the AP server, when Lady Angelica was there, most of the fellas would refer to her as milady or somethin like that. everyone respected her, more than the males i might add. she was a cool girl but she had to leave AP for personal reasons. and here in RJ, i know everybody respects Infinite. if somebody doesnt respect her, they will soon have reason to after the first duel. I also think its great that a girl is in the clan. that shows good judgement on behalf of RJ, for it shows that gender does not matter, what matters is skills and personality. i think that this clan is a great example for others to see. Females are not lesser gamers, they are as equal to males as anyone. anyone who thinks otherwise, i dare you to duel Infinite. wink.gif
Couldn't have said it better myself. wink.gif
Hey don't base a game soley grphics n00b! ranting.gif
CS is a great game none the less I don't think good games always have to have the best graphics, as long as gamplay is good and I enjoy myself.
yes they do. and i didnt base it ONLY on grafx. i based it on crappy gameplay as well. "buy a gun, buy all the armor you want, but the n00b witha deagle will still own you in one shot with his aimbot." thats what i based it on. too many hax0rz and too little variety. its OLD, let it go man. and my brother played CS way too much. he would own anyone here, there, or anywhere. he wsa ranked like 4 of 50000, so believe me when i say he is better than you. the only other people above him were the leader of his clan and some other members from it. he was in THE BEST cs clan, until they disbanded due to the leader leaving to the Army. their clan was the best ever, because ALL of their members had to rank high to make it, and they were damn good at it. all of them were in the top 25 on CS overall. and seeing as how much he played it, it made me sick just thinking that someone could spend that much time on such a low quality, not much skill involved, crappy game. so i didnt base it all on that. i have more reasons to say it sux.
D'ems Fightin words! lol
... and you call yourself a Jedi.
ok how about I put it this way... it was good for it's time.
lol, NOOOO!!! JAY HAS BEEN SEDUCED BY THE EVILS OF CS!!! NOOOO!!!!! tongue.gif (i dont call myself a Jedi. i call myself a.... FF Supafreek!)
=BH=HailGlitter.. {thc}kitten, [BLU]faith.. only females on jk2 i kno and tehy all PWN.. completely.. tehy are all regulars in teh THC server.. and i dun see why anyone would say otherwise, it really doesnt matter AT ALL whos behind teh computer screen and i wish people would just grow up about those kind of things.. dry.gif

edit:: oh and i never dug CS but i knew some cats taht were SO addicted but me myself.. i was hooked on teh SC tongue.gifP
First of all .. you dare to call CS an old game, yet we ALL are still playing Jedi Outcast (out for over 2 years now). And secondly.. women suck. They have cooties, and not "Coot"-ies.
LOL, glad I found this thread. I hunt skilled females on JO. And duel them till my nuts hurt. The style is usually very different, and alot more fluid on going from one style to the next. The practice is some of the very best. And when the skill is there, it's hard to stop. It is something I try to emulate when I play. Some of the best experience can be gotten against an opponent with such a style. Whereas a lot of females play this way, it's rather rare, in comparison, that males do. When I find a skilled female, I'll duel them till they just don't wanna anymore. Great fun and wonderful practice. wub.gif
do i hear a vacuum cleaner? tongue.gif
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