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Full Version: Lamer..!
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Hi Rugg and Deacon.. Soon as you guys left that guy I NEED A NAME started laming hardcore... He wouldnt accept duel invitations.. he went crazy pulling and pushing and saber throwing me.. while my saber was down while it was up when i tried to type .. he gave me no oppurtunity to fight or defend myself or ask him to sstop.. he also when i did finally get a duel opened up sabered me immediatly after the duel was initiated.. so there was no bow no courtesy what so ever.. this guy is very poor sportsman.. and very rude and shady character.. he made a point to disrepect me and the owners of the server.. saying that he could do what ever he felt like doing cuz he is the master.. etc... Oh well.. im just really ticked off.. right now.. i cant stop typing.. eventually when i calm down i will stop pushing words out.. there are so many things i wanna say but i am restraining myself from being rude... and un lady like... and also against my own morals of language... eventually someone will teach that dummy what it feels like to be lamed.. and he will get his behind handed to him and stabbed and shot up by lightsabers and guns.... but until then if i see him i will just leave or if i see someone with his style of reckless play... I love the Rj server and i like comin there but i cannot deal with people like that.. i thought i could but he totally got worse soon as u guys left.. again sorry for the long paragraph or Runon but its a habit i do i dont know how to stop myself .. when i am upset or.. anxious or just generally bothered by somthing... First dealt with one dummy in my life join this server to calm down.. and i have fun with U Rug and also U Deac then after all that i get all excited again by some mean BUmmb who i wish i was a better player so i coulda beat him up myself but oh well what can u do.. if you suck you suck right.. oh well.. maybe games arent for me .. maybe i am too emotion maybe i need to take a chill pill or some thing of that nature who knows but i dont... i keep blabbin.. i don tknow how much leeway i have with this topic i dont know how long its gonna let me type im losing my mind.. here.. im sorry for anyone who has to read all this.. sad.gif it will eventually come to a close.. im basically using this to push my anger through my fingertips into thought.. using my brain power to type and not to scream tends to be calmin.. sorry for using ur server as a diary//journal but it had to be done.. i had to tell you what happened in a matter of 30 seconds after you left... sorry deac if you came back and i was not there.. i could not deal with that.. guy.. sigh.. oh well.. i hope this does not effect my being welcome to forums // server.. i hope this is also not considered a buse of the forums or whatever.. if so i apologize now..... sad.gif SIIIIIIIIIIIIGH... I think the worst is over.. for anyone who is reading this is me typing in a matter of 2 minutes.. i dont have a clue what i wrote i was typin blind and Im sorry.... You all have to look deep into the dark mind of me..
sad.gif sorry for writing a book.. if its a bad thing it wont happen again... unsure.gif blink.gif sleep.gif
I know how you feel about not being able to do anything about lamers, especially when they have their scripts fired and ready to lame.

That being said, I would encourage you to keep coming to the server. The thing that makes the RJ server so great is the dedicated people who use the server. As long as quality people are using the server, the riff-raff will stay to a minimum. Yes, there will be the occational lamer that comes on, but that doesn't happen too much.

I did stop back to check on you, but when I did, the server was empty.

As for the "getting worked up" part, everyone has a bad day. Unfortunatly, a lamer will never ask how your day has been before they lame... I guess that is why they're lame... no? Don't let one lamer ruin the experience for you. I find JK2 and JA to be a great outlet for my stress.

You can fight back against the lamer by either whooping them (as long as you don't lame in the process) or by using a passive techique. (This works if you're the only one of the server) Simple ignore (/ignore <name> from console) the person and go into spectator mode. They will get bored REAL quick and usually leave.

Now, Jay or Rugg (other RJs or Regulars too!) may have additional input and I yield to their expertise on the issue. These are just my thoughts as a person fresh from the fire.

Hope to see you online soon.
I agree with deacon. If there is a lamer on, and we are not... go to spec and wait for someone else to join, and talk to him/her from spec, and say that there is a lamer, and you can vote them off (once you drop out of spec).

That guy has been around before, I think... at any rate, we will keep an eye out for him.

Sorry it happened.

Thanks appreciate it... smile.gif
All is well.. Now happy.gif
My other post elaberates more.. I hope i didnt leave anyone out that was there last night... Either way wub u all wub.gif happy.gif
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