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Full Version: Ja Official W32 Patch V1.01 Released
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Hiya Fellas,

I don't know if you've heard yet or not, but the JA patch was released last night! Beware though this is a W32 patch only so if ya server is Linux based don't patch yet wink.gif.

Here is a link to my forums with the readme, warning about the linux server problem, and a mirror to download from. Hope you enjoy!

Maybe if we are lucky they will have released the source code as well, but no word yet. Also I hope the release the linux side to the patch soon too, because all of our servers are Linux based. I will be putting up a home brew server that can handle around 8 clients to test this patch out this evening, and it should be up for week or so. I'll send ya word on it's IP/Password if ya guys want it.

Have Fun Always,

Have you tried it? how does it feel?


Once you think that RavenSoftware was going to pull off another one, they mess it up worse.

When I first got the beta for JA, I was very disapointed. To think they got JKII working quite well, and forgot all that info! But I held fast saying well once we get a patch, and admin mod for it then it will shape up, and yeah there's still that possibility. Although RavenSoftware apparently doesn't know how to do it. The rumor has been "officially" that the source code will be released right after the patch, let's hope so. The ChosenOne's mod will probably be fixing all of, or at least tweaking the JA system to be worthly of the 50$ we paid for it. Funny, if I would have known that I would gladly send my money to him, and pirated the crummy software. They say they fixed some of the exploits, and they may have, but I didn't notice any exploits nearly as much as the gameplay. This patch is highly unrecommended, and we will not be changing our server's over until they pull their head outta their asses.

The only good thing I saw in the readme was that they fixed or re-did the roll in JA. When I read this, I thought to myself well, at least they fixed something involving gameplay. They didn't. The broke it actually. Now you can barely roll at all, and it's still crummy even then. You seriously have to try really hard just to roll, and even then I fear it's all luck.

I have a test server up if anyone wishes to try this out for yourselves. I will keep this server up until Friday.

IP :

Password : AcesandEights

This server is a home brew server, but can support around 9 clients. Purely for testing purposes.

I have tried it, but It is hard to get a feel for it.... Esp without another player around. Also, Jay, did you go to defaults, or have you kept your hit detection on the new server? perhaps defaults would be better... I could not even hit a little rodian I spawned on Sublime3

The bots prove to be something completely different. You won't know until you play a live opponent. I can't hit the bots at all ... ever.

And the bots can't hit you... ever. I tried this out on your server last night. That bot hit me over the head repeatedly with a nice, strong red swing... and did no damage whatsoever. Just clipped right through.

And, yes, the roll is worse. You'll spend most of your time crouch-walking when you try. In fact, everything is worse than it was to begin with.

Now, I have to completely uninstall and reinstall JA just to get rid of this lousy *%#@! "patch". mad.gif

I played the patch last night. It was damn near impossible to hit anything. Did Raven even play this before releasing it????? I personally never roll much, so it doesn't affect me, though the "JayBaen-Wallow" is a functional impossibility right now. And that dumb cartwheel seems so pointless.

InfiniteWarrior and I stood face to face and smashed eachother with sabers for a good 3 or 4 minutes and barely scratched one another.

I have 2 questions:

1) Jay, is it now the 'default' install on the server, or one in which you changed saber-hit-detection? I only ask, because I played on another server and managed to hit and be hit plenty.

2) If it IS the default install, is this the kind of thing you can actually fix with those cvars? I never underestimate how clever you are, and am crossing my fingers that you will manage to pull a rabbit out of your hat on this one.

Humbly Submitted,

OK... so what'S the real story with this patch ??6 I just reinstalled JK3 to get a look at Rugg's map (Sublime V3) and now... I want to play with you on the RJ server... but do I have to install the patch and then unistall it because no one likes it and Jay will get it off the server.

Give some answer people !!! biggrin.gif

- Beast
As for the moment ... the patch will stay on the server so that I/we can play/test it.

I'll bring it back up shortly so that over the weekend we can spend some time with it.

I'll play doctor as much as I can ... but I can't make many guarantees on this one.

BTW .. the server has been 'tweaked' and seems to be performing better. Let me know what you think.

I will be around this evening, figuring out how good the 'tweaks' are. What do you think Jay? how did the experiments go?

Well here are my impression on the new patch and gameplay that come with it.

Is it just me or the combat system is just crap in MP???

I did not notice this in Single Player, because I did not have to fight other humans... But the fact that we are hitting about 10% of the time is quite depressing... and more even when you just know you would have if you were playing JK2. Another thing that struck me while testing JK3 on the Rj server, is that dueling isn't about tactics, ingenuity or being good at it... it has been reduced to swinging your saber and hoping you will score a hit that will kill your opponent.

And it is like that because of the new 'styles' (I'm talking about the Dual saber and Saberstaff). Oh yeah, they are beautiful and great and all... but what is wrong with giving them the ability to string attack together indefinitly ??? I was a great fan of the Dual saber, because I thought I could make them look 'good' by my game... but now I just hate them, there is no way I could ever live or fight with these... and that brings me to the dilemma... I could always 'relearn' the single saber style... but I'll get my butt kicked by everyone that is using the Dual or Saberstaff.

If JK3 had only the single saber style it would be better off by far... not only by far... by way way far.

By the way, I don't want to discredit Jay on this... I'm sure he has been working hard to get the saber combat to the level it is now (man... it must have been really crappy without the 'tweaks')... and I thank him for that.

Beside from the saber comabt... I really love the details on the maps and skins and I really love the roll lunge and all... but in my thinking... even if all these are beautiful... aren't we playing this game for the 'combat' ??? I know I am (well to interact with people first and then for the combat with lightsaber after biggrin.gif)

Well... I really think this patch was a step (a very small one, but a step nontheless), but a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of work is needed to get this game to the level JK2 is right now.

- Beast
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