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Full Version: Rj Converts To Jk3?
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Will RJ be moving to JK3 soon? It's been out a while now and I'm just curious.
The scuttlebutt is that RJ is waiting for a couple of things before making a decision. 1) A much needed patch. and 2) The SDK to be released so there is an adminmod for the server.

However, on occasion, you can see RJ's on JayBaen's jk3 server.

I'm confirming the scuttlebutt.

Also, the community at large seems a bit 'torn' about just where to be. We don't want to jump in haste and find out that everyone would rather play JK2.

It IS our intent to move forward.

Thanks for asking, Alex (and for responding Rugg).

I say boo on JK3, the only redeemable feature is that fact that you can have monsters spawn. Thats aboot it.
Amen, brother!

I don't think a hundred patches would fix all that's wrong with JK3. "Tweaks" will never make it right. Too much is wrong. Makes one wonder if any of the developers ever jumped into a JO server to see how people were actually playing it.

JK3 is probably okay for gunners, but they've screwed up saber combat so badly that even *I* can (fairly easily) defeat somebody like, say .... TheLizardKing. ohmy.gif

Face it, the game was rushed beyond any reasonable definition of the term. And for what? That old false god named "Profit".

I'd rather play AVP2, myself. Anyone else care to join me? wink.gif
AVP2 !!! A truly great game. One of the most suspenseful single players I've ever played ... and the Multi ain't bad either. .. smile.gif


.... hmmm .... .wonder if I can put one of those servers up for fun? ... !!!
AvP2 is fine with me and look on the bright side if the movie goes well they might make a AvP3! ! ! mellow.gif
AV whatta? Never heard of such a thing:P
it is Aliens vs. Predators. and they are making a movie this august too. wacko.gif
QUOTE(*HAMSTAR* @ Nov 7 2003, 09:06 AM)
... if the movie goes well they might make a AvP3! ! !

Ah.... They've been talking about that movie for years. They finally hired a director guaranteed to screw it up and the Pred movies never moved me much anyway. Nothing will ever beat Aliens, imho - unless maybe they can get James Cameron to take the helm.

As for the game, I don't see how they could improve much on AVP2. I love it. And in MP, I find it preferable to be an Alien. So much fun... watching those Marines jump out of their skins when you drop off the ceiling in front of them. Priceless. biggrin.gif
Very true in both cases ... the entire Aliens series of movies is nearly unmatched.

As for MP ... playing as an Alien is great. Takes a bit of time to get used to the wall-crawling, esp. at the speed your going.

Very fun, none-the-less. I may have to give more thought to that server.

Bah jk3....something ill prolly never my vote is.....(if there is a vote?) is stay in outcast.....unless of course-like you have all been saying-they get the patches out....

I haven't read the posts in this thread, mainly because im verry tired. Much work going on now adays, and i also found my JK2 CD, so expect to see me at some point. Aswell as i have found a patch! Remeber, i said i did not read this thread, so i dont know if its already been mentioned:)

It's a good start.

Well, I'm getting JK3 and playing on it. Most likely server-hopping, seeing as not all of you stay on the JK3 server as often. Should I use the RJ insignia? Would I be able to surf under various different aliases? Just wondering.. don't want to disrespect "the family."
Tyr ...

Thanks for asking. As you are aware, the decision to 'wear the tag' is always yours. We hope that you don't find it a dishonor to do so .. smile.gif

In any case, I hope to run into you playing in the near future. Welcome back.

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