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I don't kow what made me think of this game but can you actaully work for the Imperials and wear the stormtrooper outfits or visit some of the Imperials outposts?
yes you can, you have to do missions to get fraction points, to 'buy' Stormtrooper armor or imperial uniforms.
Yes you can wear StormTrooper Armor. Players can even wear a full set of Marine Armor (Rebel Armor) but a full set costs 18,500 Rebel Faction points. If you are not familiar with the value of faction points about 2 missions will get you approximatly 190 faction points. So getting Faction points takes a long time and there are people selling full sets of StormTrooper Armor and Marine Armor for $300,000.00 credits ~ $1,000,000.00 credits. Expensive huh? yup.

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O one thing I forgot to mention. In order to wear Stormtrooper Armor you must join the Imperials and only then you can wear the armor. Same thing goes for the Rebels. In order to wear Marine Armor you must be a full fledged rebel.
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