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 Player Configs, The time they save.

post Mar 14 2004, 11:19 AM
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For those of you suffering from MOD config blues, it's time for you to set up a player.cfg (named whatever you wish). This is a practice going back to the early Quake days when games just WOULDN'T remember your settings (remember that pesky +mlook from Quake 1?). In a player.cfg you can add any client settings that you wish to control everything from movement to visual tweakings. In my anality for organization, I tend to keep all config files separate and launch them either independently, or from within each other via reference. ALL CONFIG FILES SHOULD RESIDE IN YOUR BASE FOLDER SO THAT YOU CAN "EXEC" THEM FROM WITHIN ANY MOD.

The steps to creating your player.cfg are as follows:

1) In your base folder create a new .txt file. Rename it "myname.cfg" (no quotes). You may get a warning about changing the file extension name depending on your OS, say "yes" if you do.

2) Inside the new .cfg file place the player settings of your choice. Here's where I would only put cvars related to your player movement, etc. If you want to have a .cfg for visual tweaking, or whatnot, I'd keep them separate (though, you don't have to). The following is my "jaybaen.cfg" file that I use in game: (note: anything following // gets commented out -- not executed -- so you can leave yourself notes about the various items if you so wish)

//JayBaen Player Config

seta model "rjwolfe"

//Admn Password
amlogin xxxxx

cg_drawtimer 1
cg_lagometer 1
cg_drawfps 1
cg_dismember 2

bind F9 "amtele jay 6090 3014 -3031 180"
bind F10 "amtele jay 335 3145 -3223 0"
bind F11 "amtele jay 1330 -1658 24 180"
bind F12 "amtele jay -467 127 416 180"

//Say commands
bind PGDN "say smile.gif"
bind c "say ^1E^3at ^1Y^3our ^1B^3ananas"
bind kp_pgdn "say ^1G^3ood ^1F^3ight!"
bind N "say ^1H^3ello!"
bind PGDN say "^1:)"

bind Z "name ^1-=^3RJ^1=-^3J^1ay^3B^1aen^3ADMIN"
bind X "name ^1-=^3RJ^1=-^3J^1ay^3B^1aen"


bind F1 "amempower jaybaen"
bind F2 "amunempower jaybaen"
bind F3 "exec jaybaen.cfg"
bind F8 "+taunt"
bind DEL "force_throw"
bind END "saberAttackCycle"
bind CTRL "+moveleft"
bind KP_INS "+moveright"
bind INS "force_speed"
bind HOME "force_absorb"
bind PGUP "force_seeing"
bind UPARROW "+forward"
bind DOWNARROW "+back"
bind LEFTARROW "force_pull"
bind RIGHTARROW "+altattack"
bind KP_END "+movedown"
bind KP_DEL "force_heal"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "weapon 1"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "+force_grip"
bind KP_5 "amflip"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "amsit"
bind KP_HOME "amcrossarms"
bind MOUSE2 "+moveup"
seta in_mouse "-1"
seta sensitivity "8.416666"

//Network Settings
seta snaps "40"
seta cl_maxpackets "100"
seta cl_packetdup "1"
seta rate "25000"

//EOF (end of file)

Aside of you wondering "how does he play with that config?" ... you'll notice I've got items ranging from movement, to mouse sensitivity, to say commands, to taunts to network tweaking. All I have to do is have this file in my /base folder, then in game from the console type "exec jaybaen.cfg" and voila ... all of my settings come right back to me, NO MATTER WHAT MOD I'M PLAYING, NO MATTER WHAT SERVER I VISIT.

To save even more time, I could bind a key to exec the config for me -- like "bind f3 exec jaybaen.cfg" ... then every time I enter the server, I hit F3 and my config loads. Also, at the bottom of this config I could put a line that was "exec visual.cfg" and a second config file with all my visual tweaking would load at the end of the jaybaen.cfg.

For those of you wondering where you start, there's a file named "jk2mpconfig.cfg" in your base folder which contains all of your current in game settings (based on the last mod you played). You can open that up and copy/paste any information from there to your new player.cfg that you are creating. It will look like a lot of unorganized stuff to weed thorough, and is sometimes helpful to create a player.cfg anyway just to see what's actually set. I would be somewhat judicious about what you choose to bring over to your new custom config, esp. if you don't know what the settings do. Also worth noting is that this "jk2mpconfig.cfg" gets written fresh everytime you launch a game, so it can be deleted without worry. With that said, note that it is also READ each time if it exists, sometimes creating confused cvars for the game if you have different settings in your custom one. If you decide to create a player.cfg, I would most certainly trash the existing "jk2mpconfig.cfg" once you're done pillaging it for information. That way, you can be sure what's getting loaded by your config is ONLY coming from your config, and not leftovers from that one.

I hope this helps. Post if you have issues (config issues, that is .. smile.gif )


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