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Posted by: Ruggiero Jan 13 2004, 03:40 PM

By the bye, I stopped by the ERG ACademy server, and they are playing the Jedi Plus mod. It seems to be a little more refined (at least for now) than the JA reloaded. Kicks are back in duels, and there are all sorts of 'melee' moves as well... Might get a little complicated (and the ydfa animation is changed... so it Feels more like jk2... though it 'stutters' as it compensates for the 180 turn.

I suggest everyone drop by the ERG-SMS clan server, and give it a whirl... see what you think... and spank DOA for me when you have a chance. wink.gif


Posted by: Equanimity Jan 13 2004, 06:49 PM

What I find rather amusing is people trying so hard to make the supposed "new and improved" game as close to the older, antique version that they have come to love. If that is the case, why not just stay with Jedi Outcast? tongue.gif

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