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Posted by: Hooka*Master Oct 1 2005, 02:44 AM

well ok guys JJ has came up with a hot new thing and we want all welcome to this great event, its a tourny for all cus we are about tired of matches everyone is picky about them anymore and i know i'm about sick of babysitting arn't you lol this is our way to have more freaking fun. so if you gto a account @ JJ read up on it but if you don't plz register and read up on how to sign up.

The Rules of the Junkie Kumite

1. The Junkie Kumite is an open tournament, any person with access to JK2 may sign up and participate, in fact, we encourage non JJ members to sign up, for a greater match diversity.

2. There shall be no disrespect what so ever during The Junkie Kumite, this includes towards JJ and non JJ partcipants in The Junkie Kumite. The penality for disrespect will be extremely severe, which will most likely result in being removed from the tournament, and possibly banned from future tournaments. The punishment may be even greater if this disrespectful person is a JJ member.

3. The basic duel rules apply. For those who don't know what I mean by this...
  A ) Bow before each and every duel
  B ) You do not have to say gl before a duel
  C ) However, you are expected to say gf after it
  D ) Don't whine about lag, FPS, or other BS

3.(cont) Failure to obey the 4 rules above will be classified as disrespect and will be dealt with severely

4. If you win a tournament of The Junkie Kumite, you are expected to re-appear at the next Junkie Kumite tournament to defend your title, if you do not, or choose not to, you shall lose your title and the runner-up will be awarded your title.

5. The winner of the Junkie Kumite will wear the tag *C*, standing for Champion, in their name. The runner up shall wear the tag {G}, standing for Gladiator. If the Champion is unable to defend his title, he shall lose it to the Gladiator, no new Gladiator will be appointed untill we have another Junkie Kumite runner-up.

6. Each duel round MUST be completed within the week that is set for it, if you don't finish your duel by the end of the week, you will be disqualified and possibly subsituted for someone else. If your opponent is unable to be contacted, please contact a 3L or Junkie of the Werid Table before the end of the week.

7. All duel matches within in the Junkie Kumite shall be first to 10 wins match. NO exceptions

8. There will be a 'theme' for each Junkie Kumite Tournament, the theme may be a specific mod to play on(mod or baseJK), a specific starting duel shield ammount(100/100, 100/75, 100/50, 100/25, 100/0), or anything else deemed fit for a theme. Please be aware of the theme before you sign up

9. ALL Junkie Kumite matches MUST be completed on the @JJ@Junkie Kumite server(formally known as @JJ@DD's Junkie Shack), for this is the server that will be configured for the theme, and other duel settings.

10. The first Junkie Kumite Tournament sign-ups will start on October 1st, 2005

11. Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch

12. Above all, have fun with it guys


Posted by: JayBaen Oct 1 2005, 07:31 AM

Thx for the invite, Hooka. There's still a few of us RJs floating around that some of us may just show up .. smile.gif

As a side note, BD is all about torney events, and providing space for them on occasion. We'd be happy to throw you a 32 player free of charge for an evening Tournament. Start a thread over at the BD forums, and we can get that ball rolling if you're interested.


Posted by: Hooka*Master Aug 29 2006, 01:30 PM

restarting the kumite all duelers welcome please come guys it would be an honor to see RJ peeps. biggrin.gif

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