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About Reborn Jedi

Once upon a time ... the ill fated HalfDead and his companion Hikeyu summoned together a group of knights errant to be known as the Reborn Jedi. Members knighted that evening were JayBaen, OneWingAngel, Hackum and Joker. Soon thereafter, the dark perils of the galaxy scattered these hapless Jedi. While wandering, JayBaen and Joker reunited and formed a pact to build the most selective, respected and honorable clan to be found. As Jedi of this sort are hard to find the searchers became weary, despondent. Then one fortunate evening, a drifter, Dark Lord of the Sith, found himself befriended by JayBaen and after a transformation into the legendary Tyrannus, the three begin to attract fellow players of good stature with whom to band. They were privileged to add the indomitable TheLizardKing, the boy-wonder Huma, and the Rodian Ruggiero to the group. We continue in our search of like-minded Jedi who will carry the tradition of being "the Navy Seals of Jedi Outcast."


Sports a name of curiosity often heard whispered in the halls of Jedi past. Though still an impregnable Jedi, JayBaen spends much of his course accommodating others to the inviolable RJ grounds of inculpable play. Having given birth to "The-JayBaen," otherwise known as "a never-ending cycle of Yellow Specials meant to disarrange and perturb," he continues to proves himself seemly of the title "Grand Master Pooba" of the RJ.


Known to a countless number of Jedi as "The Coot," Tyrannus is one of the oldest and wisest members of the Reborn Jedi. He continues to frolick with the members, training them in the ways of the saber and offering whatever advice he can before going senile on them -- though, some would argue that he has already done so. No matter the opinion of him, it is well known that Tyrannus has pledged his loyalty to the clan and its members, vowing to die only when the clan itself ends. Many a prophecy-teller have coined this man as "Legendary," and he more than humbly accepts this title. It is interesting to note that he may publicly bring up the phrase, never ceasing to find amusement in it.


I sure do love dirty Rodians.


The wily Rodian co-admin, is the self-proclaimed master of the "Rodian Lunge." He is the author of the RJ logo, and resident consultant on matters aesthetic and philosophical. He has spent too many sleepless nights on "RJ-Sublime," available in the downloads section for both Academy and Outcast. He also has just finished the "Colloquium" map, which is on our server as well, (with even more Rodians)! It should be noted that he plays on a Macintosh computer, and is thus in a proud minority of JK2 players.


Is currently back on broadband and should be just as swashbuckling as ever soon.


In the beginning there was nothing, then the was the One Winged Angel! For Millions of years he wondered the universe searching for a group worthy of his great skill. Until one day he came upon the Reborn Jedi, A group of Jedi lead by the great Half-Dead. Only after the formation of this group of warriors was it destroyed by a fiend still not known to this day. Alas, the Angelic One was on his own again. He had many encounters with various warriors over the years until he was found again by JayBaen, a long lost RJ. He was re-admitted to the RJ circle, and soon after met the other Jedi and Sith that JayBaen had recruited. He soon learned the ancient art of skinning, and along with the mighty Beast, created the formal RJ attire still seen on the server to this date.


The RJs have watched this francophone grow from a saber-swinging cub to his well-deserved moniker, "TheBeast." On occasion, he misplaces his teeth and claws, but that is getting exceedingly rare. Visit the server to see if he has them or not!


Equanimity is best described as an eternal student of the saber. If you ever meet him, challenge him to a few duels, confident in the knowledge that he is eager to learn from you. Every duel sharpens Equanimity's blade, and those who have dueled him, know just how sharp that blade is.


\Long"-suf`fer*ing\, n.

Bearing injuries or provocation for a long time; patient; not easily provoked.




"Someone should tell him he has been spelling his name wrong for years." --Liz

For longer than most Jedi can remember, Hamstar has been a furry presence in the halls of the Reborn Jedi. His saber skills have matured to such a point that his Wookiee snufflings now strike terror into the hearts of all who oppose him in a duel. Often he can be seen holding court on the roof of Bespin, administering unceremonious kicks to any who dare challenge him. Beware--- this walking-carpet packs a heck of a punch!

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we present the following, as it is that even the strongest of Jedi may pass before us ...

Huma - "Is the self-appointed bringer of chaos to the RJ server. He proudly wears the label, as a Rodian once said, "meathead-fantasy-reader-computer-game-player" *cough* rug *cough*. His response: "Fantasy books are awesome, lifting weights pumps adrenaline, and of course owning in JK2 is great.... Well, or myself getting owned :("